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 I am too sure now a days that  very few of us don’t have Smart phone. And of course for Best smart phones we surely looking for best apps for our mobile. The time has changed now for smart mobile user as they pretty easily can install best apps on their devices. I although trying  here giving some lists of best android and iPhone websites details where you can found plenty of apps.

For Android:

Best Apps
This is a directory lists sites where you can mitigate your appetite for apps. This directory lists are organised based on few categories as “daily organisers and “best when travelling” If you are fond of travelling then just go to “best when travelling “categories for finding the best apps which can suit your choice. You can see vast amount of information about each app in its category . You can choose to receive notification for new apps if arrived new in android market.
App Brain App Market:
Large number of Facebook Fans 52,411 at app brain which indicates that this is one of the great sites for android apps to download. You can get reviews and find what’s hot in the android market. Its has huge apps that are categories by plenty of name and classified by its uses. The apps which is download mostly can be views in hot the days category to download. Most of the apps are free to download but some of the great apps are required to give payment to download. If you love at big screen for apps shopping just make a account and shops free here. If you log in properly you can able to browse all the apps with sync features on android market.
Droid of the day:
If you prefer to get correct apps pushed to you , droid of the day will be right up your need. It suggests everyday at least one apps for your need and it will give you options to download or share the apps. Here is  option for improve its service  by liking or disliking vote which can  improved the service  quality as well.

For the iphone:


 For the nice visual layout and stylish design this sites really fired up by horizontally organised apps. Tap on an icon to see the apps name and details. There are a streams for “featured apps” “top paid and free apps of the day” and you will also found popular apps on facebook and twitter. For future ref. You can mark out each app with a star that could help you later download. “Discovers” tab can give you alternative view for streaming.
Looking for fresh news about new apps then this sites is for you. Here you can find fresh reports and reviews about new apps which comes in android market. it also offers the best apps by people choice. you can see the ratings and views of all the best apps that people rates in this sites. if you already have the same best apps just tell appolicious that you have already the apps then it will never show you the same best apps again and again to you. You can see your scores and ratings by the chart that it display to you overall , this is a pretty good sites for apps.
May be you prefer your friends choice to select apps then check out this mini social networks for apps. What you have to do is – just create a free account and share the link to your friends which apps you like most. You can ask your friends about recommendations within chorus. here you can find paid apps and free apps both in latest lists.

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