The Smartphones which Have Copy Paste Functions

Recently smart phones are becoming more smart with their smart features and functionality. We can see a lot of smart phones in market with various facilities and features. But one of the most important function of a smart phones are copy paste function. So if your mobile devises have such kind of copy paste facilities than , it can be said you are well ahead in Smart phones arena. Today i am going to shares some of the smart phones devises which are able to copy and paste while you surfing on online using mobile. On the other hand you can copy text from your message inbox and can paste it to email message or any others places. So why late lets start and find out Copy paste options on Smart phones .

The Smart phones which Have Copy Paste Functions

IPhone 4G:

You can do copy and paste while browsing online or writing text if you are using i phone 4 . This is a updated method of doing copy paste for this smart device. This can be a huge bonus for the i phone users . okay lets see how you will copy any word  from i phone 4
First of all Go to your message options then write new messages then after writing few words you would like to paste the word just hold on the word your finger few seconds then you can see copy options come just select it and now you can paste the word whatever place you like. its so easy. lol

Copy text while browsing with Nexus One mobile:

Go to any browsers open any webpages with text
2.Zoom out for clear view
3.Hit new
5.Select Text
6.Copy on clipboard
7.Paste it into email or any other documents
That’s it very simple

Copy Paste Functions Windows mobile 6.01

 Non touch screen version for windows mobile Samsung Propel Pro

1.Go to the IE
2.Menu go to bottom copy and paste
4.Select text to copy
5.Highlight your text using cursor from where you want to strat copy then stop highlighting where you want to stop copy then hit copy
6.Go to any other messages, email or any other documents
7.Go to menu and select paste
that’s it.
Touch screen version for windows mobile Htc Sprint:

Its very easy in touch screen version to copy and paste just open any websites from browsers and then select text and using your stick just tap and hold you will see a copy dialog box appear just select copy  and then go to others document and paste the text it there.

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