How to Ask Questions On Facebook And Delete Wrong Questions ?

Facebook has launched new service on their home page is called “facebook questions” This is absolutely a logical start for the facebook company. You can not say that with this feature we are not getting any benefit at all ? As you can see there are others answer and asking web site are available in online. But why facebook is different and demanding because currently facebook users are 500 million and day by day its users are increasing with huge rate that can be the root cause of success of this service.

How to Ask Questions On Facebook And Delete Wrong Questions ?

Now which is very important , we have to find out how to ask question  on facebook question’s page and if mistakenly we have done a wrong questions then how to delete the wrong questions? This is very easy to ask a questions on facebook just you have to go here  and find the questions tab and now you can ask your question. You can ask any questions and set up a poll for the answer too. So When you log in for the first time of the page  you will see this confirmation massage

 If you successfully log in and activate facebook question to your account  you are ready to ask any questions to the all facebook users.Now if you want to ask this questions in a definite people then just click on ask friends button on right hand top of the page. Now suddenly you have found that your questions are not accurate or not correct way to ask or you feel to delete the questions for privacy policy or any other reasons then you will need to go here

There are many FAQ service in online  such as Yahoo answers, Quran, tumblr etc. But facebook question would be more popular for having 500 million users in online. The reason of having fb question is to share information to the faceboook friends and all kinds of users of fcebook. We hope this service will be cheered with all facebook users .

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