Is Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar Is very important for my Blog?

Hi guys, now may be you have settled yourself in blogging. And more importantly you are not wasting your valuable time in online. So if you have blog and its quite interesting with various unique post then its now time for increasing your traffic rank for your blog or webpage. May be you have installed Alexa toolbar in your browser for increasing Alexa rank but you can not increase Alexa rank as quick as you want if you don’t install it in your blog home page. So that’s why you can ask me a question Is Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar is very important for my blog?

Yes it is very important for your blog when you want to increase traffic rank for your blog. Let me clear  this thing to you. Alexa traffic toolbar is a such kinds of toolbar which will give you specific data about your sites user and hit post. So more importantly you can get many kinds of helpful statistics about your site and you can judge yourself which post is reading by too many people for your blog and so on. So may be for that case you have installed this toolbar to your browser already but the matter of fact is still you have not reached top level of traffic rank as other blog have. So you need to find out whats the exact reason of it? If you are intelligent you can find it very easy that is – You never installed Alexa traffic widget in your blog. So if the reader of your blog don’t have Alexa toolbar installed on his or her  pc,  your Alexa rank never go up because Alexa can not detect this reader. So that means if you have installed Alexa traffic widget in your blog yourself, Alexa can count this reader pretty easily. And that’s how your Alexa rank will go up. So why late start to install it now. May be you don’t know how to install it, okay i am gonna help you for this concern. Lets follow me.

How To Install Alexa Traffic widgets in Blog

Go to Alexa webpages here. If you don’t have Alexa account create it now or you can log in using Facebook id too.Click on Alexa sites widgets and Now choose your favourite widget by clicking here.

Type your blog name and get the widget.
copy and paste it to your blog. How to paste this script to your blog?
Go to your blog account. Design page. click add page element or add a gadget. now paste the code there.
That’s it.

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