Make a free phone call from Internet

We everybody knows that we can send free sms from Internet. As like it you can make a free call in any mobile or phone in the world. To get this free phone call facilities you have to Registered from If you do registered here – you will get a account activation mail to your mail. Now open your mail Active your account and log in to After log in write your name and country name mobile number. so for that at From section automatically your mobile number Will be set.

Free call

Now at the To option write your desired country phone or mobile number (with the country code) click on the Dial button. So after clicking on the dial button you will receive a call to your number and the number you want to call will start connect.

If this connection has been set up you can talk 3 minutes to that number. This is a trail call which only can call one time in one account and one number only can process.
Sorry,this service is now unavailable for Bangladesh….

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