How to know how long I use my computer?

Hi guys, its very nice for me to share you this tip this is about your computer log in time and how long you have used your pc ? You can know this information if you carefully follow this tip. I hope from now you can estimate about your computer use time from log in time to log off. So why late here we go today we know that

How to know how long I use my computer?

Yes you can know it if you follow this tip here: If you type ….
net statistics workstation
from the command prompt, it will show you the time the workstation service started, Which does not necessarily reflect the last log on time, as some sources would have you believe.

Pc user

If you press ctrl+alt+del, then you will also be shown the log on date and time. But the best way is to use the Event viewer.

1.Start the event viewer (start >programs>Administrative tools>Event viewer)
2.From the file menu, Select Security
3.Look for the latest event 528, which is a success audit
4.Double click it for complete information. You will need to ensure auditing is Enabled for log on success and failure.
How to Enabled it:
1.Start the user manager
Start>program>Administrative Tools>user manager
2.Select audit from the polices menu
3.Enabled audit these Events and select log on and log off success and failure.
4.Click OK.
5.Close user manager.

If follow those step i hope you can know how long you have used your computer and when you log in. Because sometime we give our child to use computer for play games or others but if they cant tell us how long they have used pc ? in that case we can apply this tricks to know the time. On the other hand it will be good for our pc to give it some rest.

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