30 Best Portable applications Details

The most useful thing of portable applications are you do not need to install them just double click and start using.So I mean if you want to avoid hassle of installing and like to carry your most important applications where ever you go – I recommend you to use portable applications. Its require no installations, you can carry them on your usb thumb drive or Mobile hard disk and use them any computer you like.

In this post I’ll be giving all the best portable apps which i think are best and most useful portable applications so keep on reading and save your valuable time to using them and don’t forget to download the one you like.

1.Desktop Teleporter:
You know if suddenly PC crash or OS system need to install again then we ill loss all our desktop files or folder. On the other hand many of us have the habit to put files or folder on desktop. This software tools will remove automatically what ever files or folder take place on desktop. You have to locate a different folder where you want to save your desktop stuffs. So if you use this portable software you cant lost your file.
Download link:Desktop Teleporter

2.Download manager:
More often we need to go outside and while we use any PC in cyber cafe then for download this portable download stuff is excellent. Just keep it in your thumb drive and plug in it any PC and start download what ever you like.
Download link:Download manager

3.Website copier:
If never use this portable software I request you to use this. it can copy entire website you can download full website for your offline use. If you need to keep any website data for personal use this portable tool is the best.
Download link:http:Website copier

4.Mozilla FireFox:
In recent time if i ask which is the best web browser? what do you answer? Yes of course I believe without any doubt you I’ll answer is Mozilla FireFox. You are absolutely correct at present this browser reached its highest rank which couldn’t be reached by other browser. So why u don’t like to use this giant open source browser in you usb thumb drive?
Download link:Mozilla Firefox

5.Pidgin portable
Under one windows you can chat with all website chat clients using this tool. It support all IM chat such as yahoo, google, msn, facebook etc. So while you on the go you are not disconnected with your chat buddy.
download link:Pidgin portable

6.VLC media player:
May be you have just visited your friends house and you find some great mp4 stuffs in your friends PC but you cant play it because your Friends PC don’t have any player which can play them. Don’t worry just plug in Ur usb and play any video music what ever you want from portable Vlc
Download link:VLC media player

7.Google earth portable:
Lets fly over the globe without any tension. Because you have portable google earth on your pocket. Using it you never lost yourself.
Download link:Google earth

8.Open office:
Do you have Microsoft office? I think you would answered its expensive to me i cant use it. But if tell you a software which is portable and open source more over similar to the Microsoft ? You would certainly liked to use it right? So if don’t have Microsoft don’t be sad use this as alternative of it and most importantly it is portable you can carry it with your pen drive and use any PC where ever you go.
Download link:Open office

9.Google chrome:
Yahh, as like Mozilla FireFox you can rely on Google chrome too. Its really fast and user friendly when you use it in portable device like usb or mobile hard disk
Download link:Google chrome

10.Clam win antivirus:
Best portable antivirus application to me. If i not wrong i had given a post on this best antivirus here.
Download link:Clam win antivirus

11.ImgBurn portable:
You may think how to burn CD if i don’t have any CD burner installed in my PC? Don’t worried, here you can use Img burn in portable usb. It can burn any type which you like to make.
Download link:ImgBurn portable

Be safe in public PC using portable kee pass. Don’t let them to know your password.
Download link:Keepass

13.7zip:Best portable zip software. You can read any compress file or if you like to convert to zip this tool is the best.
Download link:7zip

14.Foxit Reader:
I think when you use adobe reader feeling boring for its slowness and hassling time to install it and loss hard disk space but foxit reader will help you to read fast even on the go.
Download link:Foxit Reader

Edit or mix your favourite song using this portable audacity.
Download link:Audacity

Although it is very little but it can be very useful to download videos from many video sharing websites .You can try it
Download link:Save2pc

17.Tansee ipod transfer:
For ipod user this application is a bless. You can transfer to your ipod any music video without any hassle.
Download link:Tansee ipod transfer

18.AbiWord :
If don’t want full office suite facilities, so this portable is for you. what is best inside it that you can check grammatical error on your script.
Download link:Abi word

19.Gimp portable:
You don’t have to install all the stuff in your PC, for photoshop solution use this portable to fix it.
Download link:Gimp portable

20.Miranda IM:
Instant messaging has become more easy when you have this tool.
download link:Miranda IM

For encrypt your entire usb this tool is best for you.
Download link:TrueCrypt

22.Bit torrent:
If you a torrent user then this tool you may can check. For fast and smooth download this may could help you.
Download link:Bit torrent

23.Great news:
There are very few person have on online who don’t like to read recent news on the web. For Rss reading this portable is a handy.
download link:Great news

You have to upload file using ftp client but do you like to use this nice tool for doing the same task for you. You can upload file even on the go.
Download link:Filezilla

25.Pen drive Linux:
If you think you should use Linux OS but you are afraid to install it to your PC then this portable OS is the best. You can use ubunto 9.04 or any Linux version what ever you like.
Download link:Pen drive Linux

26.Recuva portable:
For file recover tools this is i may recommend you to use. I had given a post on it earlier.
Download link:Recuva portable

27.Notepad ++ portable:
This portable will save your time when you need to type any word without any word processor even for html it can be very useful.
download link:Notepad ++ portable

28.Google chrome Os:
For portable OS this is the best. In recent time for web surfing and doing online works on the web this OS has great potential from google .I have given here full image for use it on usb and download link.I have given here Chromium OS a packaged  all together in a torrent for you: for more info how to install this package file you can visit this link:How To Run Google Chrome OS From A USB Drive [Windows]
Download link:Google chrome Os

You can use skpye for your voice chat on the go.
Download link:Skype

30.Irfan view:
If you like to view any image while on the go then this irfan viewer will help you to view any image for Windows supporting pictures, vector graphics, animated images, movies, icon files and much more
Download link:Irfan view

Portable Application is very useful for our everyday life while we travel somewhere or we are in outside from home pc. I try to give you best portable list here. If you think i had missed to put here any important portable applications name just comment here and i will try to include it.

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