Most Popular google Chrome Extensions Details

 Most popular Browser was in recent past was Internet Explorer. But gradually it becomes less useful to the user and side by side Mozilla FireFox has got more popularity than Internet Explorer and at last with creative features and various add ones another most popular Browser Google chrome has gone up in the browser Ranking with its excellent features .
Here We are gonna find out

Most Popular  Google Chrome Extensions Details

  • Ad block: While browsing online most of the time, we have to face with advertisement. If you are annoyed about this ads and want to get rid of it then you can install ad block extension to your chrome browser. Its for very fast and hassle free browsing experience in online.

  •   Email checker plus: This can be great boost for the chrome browser. If you have chrome browser and you are using GMail account then by email checker plus extensions you can do all mailing works without going to open your desktop GMail accounts. while you browse any website you can check mail,forward mail,delete mail, and detect spam. its real help for those who has to check mail very often. by the help of desktop notifier method if there is any new mail come – you can be notified. you no need to sign in even your GMail too.

  •   IE tab: Some time there are few website which is not very comfortable to browse. this kind of sites are created for view properly with IE browser. So if we need to browse these kind of web site we have to use IE . But  most of the time we use other browser, so its very difficult for us to open Internet explorer again. In that case we can open it inside google chrome. The website which is compatible for IE browser can be viewed easily even from chrome for using that extension. We no need to open IE browser separately. So that’s why this IE tab extensions is very helpful.

  •   Docs pdf/PowerPoint viewer: May be you have to download or view some docs file or pdf file but while you like to view this kind of file your browser need to take help from others program to open it. but if you install docs pdf in chrome you no need to use other program to view it. from chrome browser you can do all the things. when user will request for pdf file this file goes to google docs and from google docs you can view it.

  •   Fastest Chrome If you like to browse faster search faster check for the meaning of the word then this extension is the best. While using this extension , highlighted any word you can find meaning of it ,URL link etc very easily. So you can search and browse web more faster than before.

  •   Stop auto play for youtube: By seeing the title name for the extensions you may understand what is the task of it. yes you can stop auto playing YouTube video after install it. because if you are not using this for YouTube while  searching any video the player start playing automatically and browser become very slow for it, so this can be very annoying. To get rid of this problem use this.

  •   Pixlr Editor: You may have to re edit some pictures while browsing. And mostly the user of social networks sites every time upload pictures. while uploading pictures if they need to edit for that this Extensions can be best for them. Using this Extensions you can do all kinds of editing job. This is the best alternative for photo shop. Even more you can do advanced level pictures editing such as red eye reduction,stylish tools,clone tools, blur tools etc

  •   280 slide: To create slide this is the best. you no need to use PowerPoint from online by using this extensions  you can create a lot of slide and it can be used in all projects.

  •   Picnic: For editing pictures this is another great extensions for chrome browser. But this thing is not only used for editing pictures but also taking snapshot for the web too. you can take snapshot from any part of the website and after taking you can edit like change font,colour etc. You can customise the snapshot to have a better look using this extension.

  •   Alexa traffic rank: I have nothing to say much about it. all web master and web analysis have to seek help for this extension. using it you can know a to z of the sites traffic rank, age sites original served location, hit and site popularity site loading time etc. so for getting any sites info this tool is very helpful to us. for the web developer this is the  great extension to try with. Conclusion: I try to highlight here most popular google chrome extension which people are using mostly. If you have others extensions to highlight here, which i never mentioned please feel free to add that with comment. I will be more grateful for your valuable comment and participation. Thanks for reading this post

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