Post Your Status In Specific Group Of facebook Or Google Plus

New social networking site of google is google plus.You can post your status to any group or circle of google plus networking site.That’s why others cant see or cant give any comments on your status without the member of group or circle.
You can do same thing in facebook. Here Lets See

How to post specific people or Group in Google Plus

To give your status privately in google plus write your status in down side of stream or give any link,location,picture,video as you wish then click in share button and erase the public sign.Now click in +Add more people and choose the specific group or circle.You can also write mail address of specific one. And last you click in share button. Your status can see only those people who are the member of group or circle.

How to post specific people or Group in Facebook

In facebook,after writing your status click lock button,left side of the share button,and click in customize.  Now click in specific people,of “Make this visible to” of part from ‘Drop Down’.And write the name or list and then click Save Settings.In the end,click share button to share your status. That’s it. I hope from now all of you can enjoy post status in privately and feel more privacy.

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