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Hi everybody, do you know in recent time, there is a lots of information’s have been licking out through most popular social media web sites facebook and twitter.

How this kind of thing has been published ?If you are a face book or twitter user how many times you update your status?This is very easy express to others friends where I am ? How long I will be abroad? when i ‘ll visit my house?or how many time you go for cinema? how many time you lost your mobile phone? or how many time your darling has been caught for driving while drunk? This is a smart trend now to express face book and twitter status in online .If you and your Friends stay online all the time you must contact with her by soc ail media sites it can be face book or twitter or my space .What ever it is what ever you do in social media web sites its your freedom.But I have found recently there are a lots of rumour and back biting and gossip increases for sharing personal information about users .so what do you think? should you use face book or twitter for sharing your personal info which is called sensitive when you only the owner of it.some time people of face book user uses such kind of info that a robber can easily hack their house. because if you update your status saying I will be out side my home for few days due to trip in Singapore visit then it is very easy for a robber to visit your house for safely robbing.So it is very clear may be for the facebook and twitter user what kind of info you should not use in facebook and twitter.

for proper understanding I am giving the list that you should not provide :

1.Your personal Bank information
2.Your original birth day date
3.Your mobile number
4.Your secret news

At last I must say it is not compulsory for you to keep everything private.Before giving or sharing any private data of your life .you must know the person very well that if you tell him this thing it s not effecting Be smart and Enjoy using facebook and twitter.

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Author:faridul islam

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