10 best download web sites that you should visit

Hi everyone, may be you are  finding some download stuffs where you can download most of the very good essential software but don’t know which site is best for you.If I am not wrong today
I am going to give you some greatest download websites list which are helpful to you.let us see 10 best freeware and open source software download sites that helped not only a normal Internet user but also a expert .

I always love to use freeware ,free web ware and open source software [except some small and major software such as windows,adobe creative suite,Microsoft office].and my security software are always free from any crack.so lets see 10 great download websites details here……


This is a website which is known to all even who are new in the internet or computing.everybody use this site for download windows software.actually this site is very good for freeware,shareware,ad ware,open source software and very good for mobile software.

This is not much more popular as download.com but for few items this is the best choice for me.freeware,shareware,ad ware,open source software all kinds of software are available here.more over the extra facilities is you can download( Linux software,script/batch file/ php,dos,python) from here.more over which software need to install online connection you can download offline file also from here such as yahoo messenger.

this site is best for slow download connection.this sites have a lot of mirror web sites so that you can choose available server to download a software.

This site is king for open source software.there is no alternative for downloading any open source software without this site.very good list of the open source file .only open source developer host there software here.

This is the alternative for commercial software.although there is no list of open source software but is good for commercial use.


There is a very good list here for download freeware,shareware and open source software.you can visit though.

Not very popular but very good for download freeware and open source software.


Not very good looking sites.but some rear software you can find here .the software which is not update all time.

You can understand by this site name that this is suitable for freeware software to download.yes there are good kinds of freeware are available here.Even though this is  not a good looking site but very useful.

10_freewaregenius.com:-This is a very good blog site which always update freeware software list and open source software review .Specially  gives the review for windows only.

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