Is it possible to hack a Facebook Account?

Yes in my very first  blog I am little bit hesitate to share this tip.This is a tip about Hacking Account.
I have given few tips about face book already.Even all of those tips are simple but today’s tip is not simple.This is about Hacking a face book Account.Do you think I should proceed with this tip? Do you think I should tell you how to Hack a facebook account?yes previously I was confused to share this hacking tip.Today I have got a mail from my friend  he wants to know how to hack a facebook account .He said he never misused this tip. For making fun with his friends only.So all of my online face book users please give me word that you don’t harm any one by using this tip.Making fun with your friends and some enjoyment and giving surprise to your friends you can use this cool let us see,

Is it possible to hack a facebook Account?

this is very cool way for hacking a face book account.To hack a face book account most easiest way is using keylogger.
keylogger is such kind of software which can trace all of the pres sable key of the keyboard.

okay this is like when anybody log in face book in your computer with his email address and password then you can see this password.

Now the point is ,Is it possible to see only facebook password only?or G mail, yahoo etc any password which is used can be seen?
you have to buy the key logger in online for best benefits on the other hand which are free .are not so good to use.never mind I was used Reog, it was very good.Download link(4.09 mb)

Note:keylogger only use for track computer .That means to trace what others have done to the computer.

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