Some smart Tips for facebook lovers

How much facebook is popular in Bangladesh ?.if I never give you a example you can not understand.Rony (EEE.AIUB) Few days ago call me to open for him a face book account by his i open a GMail account for him and set up a face book account.then one day I teach him (how to use face book in Internet) because he is very new in face book.

But after that what happened?Rony continuously use face book every day even though in cyber the way i gave him some tips how to use face book smartly? now i am going to share this tips to you………

1.Quick profile URL (user Name):-If you need to give your face book Id to any friends then you have to give your email address right?But see my one – very smart isn’t it? my name after just face So don’t be late before taking anyone go to user name and fixed your short URL.

2.Group friends:-if you don’t make FB friends group .may be you will miss very closed friends status .status has been missed from your facebook page.besides that you can see unexpected unknown friends status message are displaying .yes so you need to make some groups .my closed group list all are very known to me.mostly known list friends are Little bit.

so that’s why ,very easily you can avoid status of others .I can see my close groups status very easily.for doing it – Go friends >all friends >add to list then create a new list. name:if you mark carefully you can see some name like any ones names under have caption showing title of any thing .here some of my friends under their name have varsity title.or you can see any name like seeing this kind of network name you ca join in their group.this is called a group to create – settings >network name(type)>join network here you go.

4.block list:-this tip may be details you can find my previous post.briefly if you don’t want to delete a friend but want to avoid him so then you can create block list- settings >privacy>settings >block list.

5.Go offline:when I was  writing this post, some of my friends were knocking me to chat with i made chat status>option>go offline

6.Applications:yes actually i don’t use any face book applications.some of my Friends uses top friends,astrology ,love calculator etc .To use FB application you should be careful.

7.password:my friends limon tupo ‘s account has been hack so many far as i think using weak password and same password to all websites is the reason for it.

8.your turn:now your turn.if you know any comment please comment  me don’t feel any hesitation.

ohh, my hand trembling feeling more today.may be you also bored?? I want to see me in your friends list click here to add me.don’t do let to share this post to all face book friends if you like my post.

author:faridul islam

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