Problem on playing DVD movies On windows Xp | Backup Your DVD Movies With DVDsmith

Unable to play DVD movies on your windows xp. You have some pretty new movies but on your windows xp media player its not playing. The reason of it is windows xp media player does not find mpeg2 codec which is essential to play a DVD video. So what can you do now? Don’t panic I am going to tell you how to solve this problem very easily. So Lets find out and Resolve 

Problem on playing DVD movies On windows Xp



Just install VLC here.
After installing finish run your DVD movies on it. It can support to play the DVD video pretty easily.
If you don’t know whether your windows xp have the mpeg2 codec installed or not just click this link and find out. I am running windows 7 so in my windows media centre i can play DVD video smoothly. Okay You have resolved this problem now Another problem has come What is it? Yes you are absolutely correct , you can not copy your DVD movies on your Hard drive? So that means every time when you need to play the movies, you have to insert the DVD disk. That is annoying to you right? So like to get a solution for this problem , yes the solution is DVDsmith. A power full DVD backup software, I have it and it can backup all of my big movies within a blink of an eye. I feel more happy when i have found it as a free version some more. It can Decrypt any DVD to your hard drive and keep the original subtitle. So you wanna try it now? Find it here- DVDsmith. Back up your entire movies as much as you can. Only one cautions is Don’t violate the DVD copyright law while using this software. So enjoy playing and storing ……

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