Now You can Use Fring For Free Voice or video calls From Your own Mobile

Thanks To Fring. It is a free apps for the PC or any mobile gadgets which supports 3G or 4G connectivity with awesome android, symbian, or ios mobile. Now No need to pay bills for your long distance call if you have smartphones with installed fring apps. It can be useful for voice chat , video calls, group video calls or cheap rated long distance calls using your mobile device while on the go. Today i am going to discuss about fring. How to make voice and video calls using fring while on the go within a wifi spot. So don’t feel hesitate to download this free apps to your smart device to start free voice calls from mobile to mobile using any of the free Windows web-based application for instant messaging like Gtalk, Msn, skype, yahoo etc.

How to use Fring with Google Talk from iphone?

Step1. Find and install on your itunes Appsstore. Its free
Step2.When you first time launch it you will have to create a fring Account.
Step3.So create a fring account and once you logged on mode touch the more button and touch add-ons. Add google Talk now.

 Step4.Add Gtalk

Step5.After adding google talk you have to give your google talk id and password and then you can see your gtalk user are showing to your fring account.

Step6. You can chat with your Google Talk user and if like to voice chat just touch at the call button.

 Step7: Start voice call now

How to use Fring with Skype from mobile?

As i described above its pretty easy to install fring but for android or symbian mobile user there is different market for install it. For android you have to find it on android market. For symbian you can find on Nokia ovi store. So after having fring just go to add – ons then add skype .
Step2.In fring Enter your Skype login details (user ID and password) and log in. A green check mark will appear next to “Skype” in the Fring “Add-ons” list, after your Skype and Fring accounts are successfully connected.

Step3.# Go to your Fring contact list and you should see your Skype contacts are now displayed, if you have any. You can now make Skype calls to your Skype contacts using Fring, by selecting the option to call as a “SkypeOut” call or by choosing “SKP” when calling a contact.
# Use the Dialer to make Skype calls to other phones, not listed in your contacts. Make sure to dial the phone number as a Skype call by selecting the option to call as a “SkypeOut” call or by choosing “SKP” when calling.

This is my loving apps. I need to add here one more thing this is a such kinds of application where we can embed all others instant messaging applications. So that means in one Fring we can use Facebook,twitter,Gtalk,Yahoo,Msn,ICQ, SIP,And AIM . So that means You no need to wait for another single application to use all others chat software. I can say in word its awesome.

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