How To Recover facebook admin fan pages After Lost it?


Recover facebook admin fan pages :

Facebook is the large social media sites which is updating its features everyday. As we can see previously we can easily have access of facebook fan pages account can Recover facebook admin fan pages  but currently its not working due to facebook has changed some of their systems to control fan pages. Now a days without fan pages of a website or blog is a nightmare. We can not think a website which don’t have a facebook fan pages. In some reasons or by fraudulent act of others if you lost admin access of facebook fan pages then its very difficult for you to regain it again. Maybe you have given your facebook admin pages roles to some one and for any reasons he or she has changed email id and password and you are no longer admin of that pages. In that case its very hard to accept for you such kind of incidents. And  its very time consuming to Recover facebook admin fan pages ?On the other hand it might be other people who hack your password and change of pages roles of your original account. what ever the case you are having or fall in , in all it is very pity situation when you have seen your own fan pages has been hacked.

Recover facebook admin fan pages :

Recently I have fallen such kinds of situation. I didn’t login to my facebook fan pages for long time. I have forgotten what is my admin email id and password too. So I can see my facebook fan pages as facebook fan only. I didn’t able to login to my account anymore. So I was very upset as I have seen my website has few likes and if I have to create a new fan pages it will be a new pages and I will no longer have all those likes to my new pages. I was thinking what can I do? You know that facebook don’t have any support line where you can call them and talked to them about your problem. I tried to login my personal facebook pages and went to support inbox checking that if there is any information about regain admin access of facebook. I have found few help topics which is bit similar to me. on That topics discussion about if your account has ben hacked you can Recover facebook admin fan pages submitting few documents to facebook here. You know that if anybody login to facebook from unknown device facebook immediately send email to that associate account whether is it you or other people login. And if you lost facebook password you have three options to get back it again.

Recover facebook admin fan pages
Recover facebook admin fan pages


Recover facebook admin fan pages

Firstly, will asked you to login after they email you the link or

Secondly ,

They will asked you to input the mobile number which you had register before with them and will send code to your mobile number for login

Thirdly ,

You have to submit your valid documents to for proving your identity. In my case I forgot everything. I don’t have admin email name and mobile number either. So only one options which is remain for me to get back my facebokk admin access is to submit my valid documents to

But it can be done only if i will submit my valid email address. I was in deep trouble indeed. I never think I would face such kind of problem. So I was trying to figure it out how can I gain my facebook fan pages admin pages access. After chat with facebook  community support team they advice me to remember my admin email address. And then submit my valid documents to by going here.  So, I was checking every notes and my dairy if there is any info I could able to find. I have searched all my notebook and dairy but no luck. at lastly I searched on my smartphone apps color note. This is the ultimate place where I had written every important notes regarding my online task. I searched on my color note typing my facebook fan pages name and voila I have found my email name and password. I was very happy. Quickly went to and login and became upset again. has locked my account due to I never login using my email id for long time. asked me to submit valid documents to proved me that I am the real admin of that pages. As I have got my email id I was happy that finally even has locked my account I will be able to login after proving my identity. So what I did, I submit my pass port after following that link and submit my email address which is the admin email. Then acknowledge me that they will get back to me soon by my email address as soon as they reviewed my documents, and  I can Recover facebook admin fan pages by this times has advise me not to login again using that email. The valid documents which is can be submitted to facebook are :

Recover facebook admin fan pages :


Group one
You can send us one of the items from group one to confirm your name or get back into your account. Anything that you send us should contain either your name and date of birth or your name and photo.
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Personal or vehicle insurance documents
  • Non-driver’s government ID (e.g. benefits book, national ID card)
  • Visa, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Tribal identification or status card
  • Voter registration document
  • Family certificate
  • Visa
  • Proof of age card
  • Immigration registration document
  • Tax identification document
Group two
If you don’t have anything from group one, you can send us two different items from group two. The name on the items that you send us should be the same name that you want to show on your profile.
Bear in mind that if you’ve lost access to your account, you may be asked to provide something from the list that also shows a photo or date of birth that matches the details on your Facebook account. This extra precaution is so that we can make sure that the only one with access to your account is you.
  • Bank statement
  • Travel pass
  • Cheque
  • Credit card
  • Employment verification
  • Library card
  • Post
  • Magazine subscription
  • Medical record
  • Membership ID (e.g. union membership, work ID, professional ID)
  • Payslip
  • Permit
  • School ID card
  • School/university record
  • National Insurance card
  • Utility bill
  • Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)
  • Company loyalty card
  • Contract
  • Civil registry
  • Diploma
  • Religious documents
  • Certificate of registration for accreditation or professional certificate
  • Professional licence card
  • Polling card
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of address card
  • Benefits book



and documents be deleted within 30 days after facebook has complete the reviews . So there is no need to worried about privacy.

Finally after one day nearly 12 hours later replied me and send me account login access link to get back to my account to my email inbox.  At last I am able to login to my facebook admin fan pages.

Thus I am able to Recover facebook admin fan pages  and access  to login pages after never used it for long times. Yes its not heckled or i didn’t make anyone as my fan pages admin using facebook new features of giving admin roles to others, what was happened to my case is i just never login to my pages for long times and when did i login it was different location and different operating system. So it is very important to take note that you must login to your admin pages at least within three months one time and try to secure your account with mobile number which you used for contacting others . Dear friends if you ever had fallen same situation as me can get back facebook admin access if you followed what I have done here. For any kinds of question or help  or if you failed to Recover facebook admin fan pages please contact me using my facebook fan pages here My facebook Fan pages 


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