Run Android Apps on Windows Using Blue Stacks

Do you like to run android apps in windows instead of mobile? As you can run ipad apps on windows, you will be able to run android apps in windows PC too. How is that possible? Android apps is prepared for android mobile.
You know smartphone industry has been developed a lot for the rise of huge number of android apps. Everybody has android apps, they like to use it and want to get more benefit from it. So i also heard a lot of rumours and gossip about it like some body said these apps are good and those apps are bad. But i had not any chance to test that because i have no android mobile. Now even i have no android mobile but i can run android apps on my own windows. To know about more android apps you can visit here. Okay guys now its time for the main point

How to run android apps on windows without mobile.

Here i am gonna discuss about it more details

  1. First of all Download Blue stack software. Which will allow you to run android apps inside windows.
  2. Install it after download.
  3. After installed open it , you can see it will open  as picture below:
  4. Click as instruction is given . You can see some of the default android apps are already installed. You can run them by click on them.
  5. Android apps are generally .apk format. lets say you want to play a games. which name is Battleheart,. download it from google search as shown in the picture below:
  6. After download right click on it and choose open with as below picture
  7. Browse the c drive where is bluestack app player is installed . Go here and select Hd-apk handler(as shown picture below:) You can see the games will start to install. 

After installed the game go to desktop or start menu  for open Blue stack app player software .Now go to on option no 3 again you will see the games is showing in bluestack apps. Now start playing the games inside windows. Even you don’t have android device, no problem , Run android apps on your own windows PC. Enjoy.

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