How to share Internet Connection From Laptop To Android Mobile

It is very easy to connect Internet  on laptop or desktop PC via smart phone. To get connection we need to enable wifi or bluetooth from mobile. Its depend on mobile phone versions. But Do you think oppositely, like to get Internet connection to smart phone device from laptop or desktop PC?
In my opinion it is possible. You can connect to Internet using wifi  to your mobile through Internet enabled any PC. For symbian windows mobile this can be done very easily. But for android mobile user it is not so easy to do. You have to have root enabled in your android device mobile phone and be sure have wifi enabled to your phone. So do you like to know how to share Internet connection from your laptop to mobile phone? Here today i am going to explained how to get Internet connection to samsung Galaxy ace mobile from laptop
As i am using samsung Galaxy Ace Gt5830 , i am giving explained on this phone but you can share Internet any android mobile phone which have wifi enabled .

How to share Internet Connection From Laptop To Android Mobile

To get started  First of all You have to Download a software called connectify to your PC . This software will create a Wifi hotspot signal to your laptop. You can not do anything on free version. So try to download connectify pro version. Or if you don’t have pro version then find online is there any crack version, but it is better for you to buy from original website. Okay i hope you have installed connectify properly. Here i like to say that even if you have wifi option in your laptop and you can can create adhoc share network through wifi then why you need to use connectify to create wifi hotspot? Yes because most of the android phone device is not root enabled ? Android phone can not detect ad hoc network. So to get wifi you have to installed extra software to get connected with Android device. On the other hand windows mobile , iphone  can get connected with adhoc connection from laptop or desktop PC.

Here After installed connectify how to configure ?

  1. First of all Select Hotspot Name
  2. give password at least 8 digit
  3. Select Internet connection which are you using
  4. In advanced settings select wireless Network Connection
  5. Secured Mode
  6. Access point,wpa2-psk
  7. Then click start Hotspot

Now how to configure form your android mobile:

  1. Go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Wi-fi Settings
  2. Open up Advance settings menu
  3. Select checkbox showing [Use static IP]
  4. IP address (  in to Ip Address field
  5. Enter in your own IPV4 Address ( in to Gateway field
  6. Enter (255. 255. 255. 0) in Subnet mask field
  7. Enter your Internet connection’s DNS server into DNS1 & DNS2 fields.
  8. How to know your DNS fields ? To know it right click on your active connections  on pc or laptop 
  9. then clcik status
  10. Now after status dialog box will appear click on details box
  11. You will see DNS 1and DNS2 as shown picture below:

At last disable your mobile wifi then enable again and it will search automatically and will connect with connectify-me successfully.Now You can enjoy Internet from your android mobile using laptop Internet connection.

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