Save or download Gmail Zip attachment from android mobile

Do you have android phone?  Most of us like to use Gmail in our mobile. Android phone comes with preinstalled GMail apps which is common app you can find it in all android mobile. The feature of receiving mail and sending is very common and easy in gmail android device.
But the problem is when somebody send any mail with zip attachment like image file or document file the zip folder can not save or download in android. If you try to click on downloading attachment it will warn you to that can not be saved the file due to malicious virus or untrusted file. 
So in this case if you like to save or download attachment from your android, you have to install another app is called k-9 mail app.

Save or download Gmail Zip attachment from android mobile

I have been using it for few months and very easily Can save or download zip attachment from my Gmail. Here is the procedure how to install k-9 mail in GMail
1.Go to google play and install k-9 mail app its free
2. go to gmail with password and user name
3.  after install allow this program to sync with gmail
4.If it will finish sync, you Can proceed to download zip attachment from gmail
That’s all.
I love to use k-9 mail app for download and save file which is comes with gmail attachment in zip format.
For your ease you can set disable auto sync option.  So that you can save space.


May be gmail will fix this issue very soon. Until gmail never fix this problem this is the method that i am using to get zip attachment to my mobile and tablet. what do you like to use on your mobile? Let us know by comment. Thanks for reading.

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