Smartphone Security Tips That You Must Know

At present more people are buying Smart phone. So smart phones are the target devices for the criminals. They like to break the security and spread viruses on it.


So if you need to use your mobile with secure and safely then you should follow some of the safety rules, but most of us don’t know properly security tips of smart phone.

Today i am gonna tell you how to protect your smart phone from malware, spy ware or malicious programme.

1.Firstly what you have to know is that your smart phone is like a pc and it can be attacked by spy ware or malware. So don’t use your smart phone most freely.
2.Always  exchange data with trusted devices. Such as don’t open blue tooth  for connecting unknown devices.
3.Check your antivirus is update or not. If not update it because if you never keep update your antivirus then it cant detect any new virus.
4.Don’t store any data from other devise which you are not familiar with.
5.Scan your mobile after storing any data.
6.The smart phone are wifi enabled. So don’t use it for saving file or sending data using wireless Internet because most of the malicious programme are attacked by wireless Internet.
7.Always off your phone bluetooth or wifi
8.Backup your data to your computer or phone. Because it might need to reset your phone for virus.
9.Check your mobile bills carefully for unusual expenses.
10.Don’t store any credit card info into your smart phone.

At present we have seen a lot of new mobile devise are arriving  in mobile market. But the matter of fact is we never give buy generic viagra any attention of security concern of smart phones. Actually if we don’t abide it then one day we may have seen that our most loving phone has gone by for virus. So we must follow those tips to keep our smart phone free from any virus.

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