Windows 7 Most Important And Secret Tips

There is none who don’t like to know the secret and most important tips of windows 7. Currently windows 7 is most popular for all user. Although in Bangladesh most of the people are windows xp user but very soon windows 7 will be popular too. Why i am gonna talk about windows 7 ? Because most of us are windows 7 user don’t know the secret news of it. Today i am gonna tell you most important tips and some secret thing of windows 7

Lets say, your younger brother is crazy to use your pc but inside in it you have some important file, documents which you don’t want to delete or corrupt by others so in that case what can you do? So before hand over to your brother you can use psr function. Just follow this steps below:
click on start > Run>type psr>press enter
so how many time your brother will click on pc it will store that record as print. Now after your brother leaving stop recording and save. Now if you have faced any problem just follow up your psr data what did your brother do. you can understand why the problem has occurred. You can ask your friend to use psr for solving such kind of problem.

Snipping Tool:
What do you use for taking screenshot? Fine shot or any other third party software? Why you should use to any third party software? Just use your favourite windows 7 OS for taking any screenshot of your pc. You don’t know how to find it? Just follow me:
Start>go to search option and type :snipping tool
You will get a tremendous tool

Calibrate your tools:
This tool is very useful for laptop, notebook users. The person who used laptop or net book may be  sometime don’t know how to set color resolution properly? It is very difficult to set color using button or hard to understand the color is correct or not? So to get rid of such kind of problem please use this tool. Just go to start and type :dccw and press enter
Now what you need to do you can easily understand.

Extend your battery life:
This tool specially for laptop user, this option is called power option. Go to power option and change plan settings then click change advanced settings then change your settings as you want.
and click save. 

More tips:
if you cant open any drive then press shift button and right click on the drive and select “open in new process”
Lets say you are using pc in guest Account now you want to use one of the application which require administrative account so now no need to log off just press shift key and go to that programs icon and right click then Run as different user.

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