Some Essential Tips To Start Earn Money from blogging

Its been long time already I never write on off topic. But i was feeling little bit hesitate to write about it. Fortunately this blog has gain a lot of visitor everyday and now i feel i need to share something really useful. So useful things are always related with money and when you need to start monetize your blog you should know about real concept of it. What you should know for earning in online from blog? I have been blogging nearly for the last of 2 years already.
But in truly,i must say still i have not earned any single cent from the Internet. Do you know how a blogger can earn money from blogging? I think you know but if you don’t know , there is no problem too, because i am going to write today How many ways a blogger can earn money from blogging?

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Some Essential Tips to Start Earn Money from blogging

1.Starting earn money from blogging:
You have well design blog and it has pretty much good content and the number of content also quite good, so what you think now? If you have passed at least 6 months form blogging then yes its time for you now to start business with google. why i must say that because for content-sensitive web-based marketing you can go ahead with your blog now. But before start you need to optimize your blog so well that search engine can find your blog so easily. Here i need to tell about it more:

2.Why a blogger should learn about Seo:
Search engine optimisation is a vital factor for blogger. If his or her blog never meet the conditions of seo the result would be be zero for earning sense. To build up traffic this is very important. How you can learn seo , well there are a lot of websites have where you can learn it. i am gonna tell you few names here: a.) b)
okay after that you can see the results how your sites visitors increase.

3.AdSense Main source of income:
Yes AdSense now is the leader for content-sensitive web-based marketing. I always suggest you that you can apply for google AdSense than other services for getting best income.okay may be you can think after applying the AdSense code of your page – then money will begin to come . No its not possible if you never follow keywords regulations on your post. If you like to published a AdSense friendly post then you must need to go this sites to check title of the post and the key words which people search most and the cpc. For proper seo optimization you have to write blogging in wordpress platform. Because for blogger you cant apply “meta description” which is very important for seo. After applying all the tricks may be you can think now you are on the sit for incoming but really even you did all but still money will never come to you if you never apply the AdSense code in proper place of the post. So a lot of think need to think abide for writings profitable post for AdSense. You need to think about your page rank too.  How to build up a good page rank ? For a new blog its very tough.  If you don’t have back links then its no use to say that will increase page Rank.  On the other hand how many people of other bogs will refer to read your post also depends about pr rank. I think the best way is writing guest post.  So if so many blogger find your post is good and helpful then they will surely refer reader to read your post.

4.Should I apply for AdSense
Why i was not getting any single cent you can be clear now. Yes there is got a  logical reasons for it that i never apply for any service( like AdSense) for earning money. Yes really i was trying to building up quality content and trying to increase the number of content as much as possible. So i was concentrating on my content rather than my online income. So do you think i should apply for it now? I should start earn money or money should come now but what i have seen  most of the blogger are making huge mistake here. They stopped blogging when the money is began to come .  Do you know the exact reasons of it? After having some post and few months later they apply for AdSense and when AdSense find few contents on that sites surely it will refused to approved the applications. So they feel sad when they have found there is no amount has been received from blogging since they start it.

5.Is AdSense enough for me:
I think for professional blogger this is enough for me.  I am going to apply for AdSense for this blog soon and i hope pretty soon you gonna see advertisement from this blog. why i should choose AdSense? Because i know AdSense is the current leader of web based content marketing’s.  And i am helping google for participating on this web based advertisement business.

6.Other source of income:
Yes there are other source of income also available in online if somebody feel AdSense is not best for him. Lets say AdBrite, Bidvertiser can be great alternative for AdSense. you can earn money by applying their service too. And also freelancing can be effective way of earning money from online.

7.The things You must check before applying AdSense:
If your blog never meet the conditions & policy of google AdSense and also never reached right aged please do not apply for google AdSense.Google will deny your applications for not following rules and regulations of AdSense.Here i am giving some list that google check before approval of AdSense:

2.Unique content
4.Seo & website design
5.Popularity in search engine
6.Number of contents
9.privacy policy
10.Valid Html

Long time ago i wrote a post about effective way of using Internet and earn money from online. By this post i try to mitigate that and hopefully you can understand the toughness of earning money in online. If you feel to ask any questions feel free to ask questions by comment, i will try my best to reply as soon as possible. One thing i must say i have written here is based on my real life experience i am not a a seo expert or a professional blogger. So comment here if you find anything too add on this post.

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