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The web has changed dramatically in huge manner since Mr.Marc Andreessen revolutionised the Internet with the introduction of his Netscape browser in the mid 1990s. Now he is betting people are ready to try a different web -surfing technique on a new Browser called Rockmelt.

Although still in beta version this browser is available now.Its new built in feature’s on the premise that most online activity today revolves around socializing on facebook,searching Google ,tweeting on twitter and monitoring a handful of favorite websites.
Surf Net By log On To Facebook

It minimising roaming from one websites to the next by corralling all vital information in panes and drop down windows.Rockmelt works only if you log on to facebook account.So to use Rockmelt you must have a facebook account. Do you think this restriction will not gives it plenty of room to grow?

The fact is reverse that facebook has more than 500 million users have the right to access Rockmelt more smartly.And the people of facebook users who have this browser can share and search on the web more smart than others.

The real cool thing of Rockmelt are-After log on to Rockmelt with the facebook account the person who has profile pictures is planted in the browsers left hand corner and a list of facebook users can be displayed in the browses left hand pane.There’s also a built in tool for posting updates in pop up box.

Google search is default at the main part of the browser.The search results are pop up at the drop down box.Rockmelt stores each other users preference on a remote server,making them available on any computer that has the browsers installed on its hard drive.
The time of surfing net is now become more ease and smart.People can display their searching options even they are in log on to Facebook.Moreover we hardly wanna left Facebook for searching anything on the web.I hope if you have facebook account your request can be made through

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