Ten Best sites for listen and Downloading Bangla songs Free

I am very happy to say i can get any music within a single click of my mouse. Internet has given me such privilege that mitigate all my expectation of songs and Bangla music. More over hindi, tamil, English all source of music now can be get freely in Internet, as some of the great sites have been giving free streaming and downloading opportunities to the online users.
Here even i will given some link for free bangla songs downloading and streaming but you can get Hindi, Tamil, Telugu,English songs too.

Ten Best sites for listen and Downloading Bangla songs Free

1.In.com:Best streaming sites with large numbers of songs. Most probably this is the site where you can find not only bangla songs but also all others language songs like tamil, hindi, Telugu etc This is the site where you can find huge numbers of bangla songs . folk, pop, adhunik, rabindra songgit etc . The demerits that you have found here most of the songs only can be played and not available for download. But you can still capture all kinds of songs just follow this link. For latest Bollywood hindi songs this website is the best.

2.Ragga.com:As in.com you can find all kinds of songs here. As i spoken earlier this site also has huge numbers of songs collection for playing online free. Probably Raaga is the first website which started free streaming in online. For listen music you have to install real player. Don’t have real player try adobe flash player. I mostly like to listen bangla songs here.

3.Music.com.bd:For downloading bangla songs this site is the best to me. Here you can get all kinds of bangla songs and You not only can listen but also you can download if you want to. I personally like this site for latest pop album. More importantly bangla band songs great list are available here. So lets try it now today.

4.Musicindiaonline.com:Another great indian free music site. for hindi songs lovers can benefit from this site mostly.
 5. bengalimusiconline.com:The site is not so looking but it has some great mp3 songs that can fulfil your music thirst. You can browse the artist whom you do like most from the browse list section. overall it is a good site.

In modern times music artist and for new bangla songs this is the great mp3 bangla music site to visit. I have seen quite few good bangla singers songs are stored here that can played within a single click. You can listen songs with the sites third party music player.

 7.Sangeet-bhuvan.comIf you like to download mp3 songs then this is the right place for you. Not only for listen music music but you can download also. The collections of songs are huge and you Can find most of artist songs here. In some cases rare kinds of songs are available too.   

 8. Smashits Bengali SectionThis is a indian site. It has bangla section and online radio option for playing bangla songs all most all the time. I get pleasure of its radio program . They can be listen through web and low bandwidth.  

 9. CalcuttaWeb Its same like smashits. But the collection of songs are many and you can get the list of singers name and pretty easy way to find songs. The radio option also same as smashits   

10.pranerbangla.com This is not so old website for bangla music. As a new mp3 sites it has modern list of songs and you can enjoy all the new mp3 songs.

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