What are the things you should follow while writing guest post?

I have been blogging for the last of five years. In the time of my five years blogging I did write guest article for others blog not so remarkable numbers. The reason behind was might be that I took it wrongly or understood writing guest article for blog was wasting of time and spending valuable moment working for others.
In deed my thinking was fully wrong… To survive in blogging arena you must have patience to write guest post and need to point out your main targeted keyword so that search engine and your readers visit your own blog too. So now let’s find out how you can gain more traffic or benefit while writing guest post to your blog?

What are the things you should follow while writing guest post?

First of all,
 You have to know where you submit your article. Is it relevant for your article? Some time you don’t know the main concept of the whole blog and you submit your article without checking it. For example if you write about software review then you should submit the article not in theoretical blog but in the blog where software prefer most.
Don’t be so costly in language. Write the article in clear manner. Use catchable vocabulary rather than rich words. Because if reader need to have dictionary to find out the exact meaning it will create less impact to the readers and they will not interested to carry on reading. So mind the words which have Inflexible meaning.
You know that guest article should be long and with much more data and reliable information. Most people emphasis to write guest article with giving correct data and most helping information so that the readers can mark the writers and catch up him again. Thus guest post become successful. You know that most bloggers like to submit the guest post where is huge traffic. In that case he or she should include the profile at the end of the each post respectively.
 You should not wish to get real feedback just giving voluble info on the guest post without target your keyword. So must and must you should target some keyword to get the search results and thus your guest article will be more readable and probability of getting readers to your blog is higher. So doing right seo is the key.
 Write guest article regular basis. Just writing few article will not giving you success. I have written very little guest post in my blogging life and it has bad impact my blog deeply. Now days I am having more than 200 visitors daily but once it was 2000 per day. The main reason behind the collapse is not writing guest post and not submits the article on huge traffic blog. For new writers it is quite hard to get approval from huge traffic blog but if this really happened to you choose first medium traffic blog and enrich your writing skill. Don’t forget that a good article never loose readers. Thus it can be welcomed in high page rank blog too.


After very long gap I vet written this article. Actually for bloggers it is very frustrating to lose stamina and power to write regularly. Thus I think writing guest post can be helpful to find more content of writings and space of thinking. For me it was whimsicalness, I was too lazy to write and was some sort of dilemma for choosing blogging as full time. But, you know my spirit of writings will never die and I will continue to serve you forever. Okay one second , just recap again what are the thighs you must abide to write a successful guest post is relevancy of the post , submit the article in right blog, target the keywords, get helpful information add the profile of the writers , write long article around four or five hundreds words use mostly simple words without complexity and write regularly..So consistency is the issue too. Thus I hope you can achieve your goal to get back page rank to your blog and huge traffic .happy blogging…

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