How To Turn Off the Display To Computer While playing Windows Media Player?

Guys, You know that listening songs from windows media player is very popular but it has a bit problem. Using windows media player you can listen songs very easily with your windows PC or laptop. You might choose the time at night , of course night time is the best time for listening songs, other wise you can choose any time for it.
The problem which can bother you while listening music is it never turn off the desktop display. So if you like to save your computer or notebook battery power it will not gonna help you on that concern.

How To Turn Off the Display To  Computer While playing Windows Media Player?

How to solve this issue while playing songs in windows media player to turn off the display?
You might asked me to install third party software or use another music player? After searching in online i have not found any acceptable solution for this problem though. What i have done to get rid of it is just using my screen saver in black mode. In this method you don’t have to use any extra software or any other music player. So lets try it out as follows: You should open first your windows music player then play your desired songs and minimise it. Then follow the below steps

  •  First of all Go to Control panel


  • Then  click on Appearance and Personalization



  • Then from here choose Change screen saver
  • Select black and then click on preview

After finished click on preview your notebook or desktop computer whole display will turn black . From now you can enjoy music from your windows media player with turn off display option. Here one more thing i must tell you don’t click on any places of your desktop if it got vibrate the black color screen saver display will not remain same. That’s it. Very easy. I hope you will enjoy this tips. Thanks for reading . Stay tuned to this blog RSS Feed to get more updates at next time.

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