Best 12 Android Apps That You Should Not Miss Ever

Which free android apps you will gonna use for your android phone , this decision might be a bit difficult for you  due to highly increasing the number of android apps in market . The apps which i have been personally using for my mobile  are especially made for  tremendous features and including a lot of facilities.
I never confess it only for you to select these apps but its only your one time install and using experience will change the mind concept about the apps that are really awesome and I am gonna named it here or you can say after use,  i am giving you some exaggerating speech or not ? So guys don’t waste any time, lets find out which are the android apps  that i highly recommend for you too?

Best 12 Android Apps That You Should Not Miss Ever

1.Color Note:
One of the very Simple Note apps which keeps me update everyday. It has lock function for privacy to select any private note if you don’t wanna show it to others. In deed in google play there is a lots of good note apps are available but why i recommend it you for its cool and easy use feature’s. You must try it with others note apps too.
2.Advanced Task Killer:
I think after having your first android phone you must try it. Its a apps which will kill others apps task if you need to increase the speed of your devices and wanna use only one apps in one time. This is the apps which will reduces the use of your phone memory and you can freely choose disturbing apps not running through at the phone back ground.
3.Gemini apps Manager:
No doubt there is no apps which can compare with this. I am using it in my root sum sung Galaxy s 4 which makes my device more user friendly and i can control all the apps with this tool very easily.
4.Whats app:
If you challenge me in android apps which is the most useful to give me no one vote against it i hope you will loss. To get free messages like any types and free Voices messages ability makes it more popular than others apps. Even though it never allow you to call free but its embed option with mobile contact to add buddy list makes this apps a unique one.
For free video call you cant miss it. I have been using it for contacting to my clients and business purpose which helps me to save huge numbers of mobile bills in every months.
6.Mariam Webster Dictionary:
There are many English dictionary have in play store but this is the apps which i have been using and prefer most to use for you too. It has large vocabulary with online speaking option. The users of this dictionary day by day is increasing and its download times also very high. You can try it too.
7.Equalizer Music player:
You might say power amp is the best music player apps? Yes it is very good apps for music but for free version you cant enjoy it for long. I am giving you best alternative apps of power amp which is called Equalizer Music player. All features are available like power amp and more likely the best is this apps are absolutely free.
8.Kingsoft office:
One of the best office apps. You might choose others apps for doing official document editing or viewing in mobile but try it and you feels the difference. For reading pdf files this is the awesome apps.
9.Opera Mobile Browser:
To reading Bangla news paper this is the genuine apps . You might asked me why i never prefer you UC browser or Dolphin? Guys I am the user of it and never gonna bluff you try it and then comment.
To keep your all kind of files protective this is the one of the best apps which gives you two gb free online files back up facility and after you have tried it you will never loss anything if you lost memory card or your hand phone lost.
Even though this apps not available in google play score but for downloading youtube video this apps is the best option for android users. Try it now and then you can see the results.
12.Gallery Lock:
There are many thing in our Mobile phone , you might not be like to share with others  . The best lock apps which will give you this facility is called gallery lock.


This is the 12 must have android apps which i am currently personally using in my mobile. It is true that this 12 apps is not enough there are more apps available in play store for free to use and every day many new apps are coming but for my personal recommendation after first time having android mobile you can try those apps for free and  slowly slowly you can go to the deep to use more apps after become aware all the apps function and mobiles functionality. I hope this will help you much to know for the first time which apps you need to install to your devices. Thanks for reading…… 🙂 Do you like our blog? Subscribe here Rss Feed.

To install all the apps just click on their Names and it will lead you to install link.

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