What is Domain Parking? How To Park Domain?

In general when we visit a website, we type at the browser address box with http://www.thenameofwebsite.com So as this example it can be like http://www.prioarena.com Here prioarena.com is the called domain name.
A domain name can be end with such kind of extension like .COM.NET.INFO.ORG.BIZ.NAME.MOBI, So the domain is a name of the web address which refers to the one unique website to the online visitors.  So we mean  a domain represents both the web address of your website and the name your site visitors. Which will use to refer to your website. The domain can be  Generic domains such as .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .BIZ, .NAME, .MOBI, etc. ,Country-code domains like .US,.UK,.nu,.CC, .ME, .TV, .WS, .BE, .NL etc

What is Domain Parking? How To Park Domain?


What is Domain Parking?

If you listed your domain in a website where the domain park option is available and then if the website allow you to keep the  DNS record to your cpanel or the domain which you want to park can be forward by the website of parking companies link  are called Domain parking. Here the website is a company for giving a facilities for parking your domain. After park your domain the place where you park, they will publish some sponsor ads without showing any contents for your parking domain. By the advertisement they will get benefit if the ads get click but you cant have any profit for those ads unless you published the ads on your own website without parking a domain. (Here i mean by the website is a company to provide domain parking option. It can be any company. such as Sedo.com is one of this website)

You park your domain for selling. This should be your primary  objective for parking a domain but you can park your domain for others purpose too. Like you want to keep your domain name safe for stolen after purchase , or reserve the domain name for future use .

 Where you can park Domain? 
The best place for domain parking is www.sedo.com Here the possibility of selling domain is high. Many people like to park their domain here. You can park your domain in google AdSense too.


How to park Domain at sedo.com?
Go to the website home page of sedo.com Now you need to register to sedo.com Now you need to listed your domain from Park domain tab. Its very easy process in deed. everybody park domain but somebody park the domain for quick sale. If your domain name is very good and popular that means you are the lucky person for selling that domain by huge amount of money. Suppose a good premium domain if you park the price can be reached $300 or $ 500 dollars or more. It depends only the domain popularity and high quality niche.  You can withdraw money from paypal or directly bank account by transfer from sedo.com 


 I like to buy domain for parking. Already i have bought 10 domains. For quick selling  i am doing onpage and off page search engine optimization for my domain. The best part is if you like to park domain too then launch the domain by creating webpages with few content. Then when you will get organic visitors , apply for park the domain. Happy earning by park domain.

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