10 Reasons Your Google Adsense Earning May Gone Failure

Blogging & Monetizing a blog with affiliate program is very common in online. But now a days only few bloggers are earning money from online with best monetization Google AdSense is one of the most popular affiliate program for blogger.
You can earn quite easily from google AdSense program if you do proper seo &   get huge amount of visitors for your blog. But most blogger don’t know how to earn acceptable amount by this affiliate program. So thats’ for sure I am gonna highlight 10 Reasons Your Google AdSense Earning May Gone Failure on this article.

10 Reasons Your Google Adsense Earning May Gone Failure

1.Blog outlook or website design:
2.Site loading time
3.Ads placement wrong
4.Sites visitors low
5.Not much seo
6.Back link low
7.Content not relevant to niche
8.Bounce rate high
9.Title is wrong
10.Content theft or similar content

Now lets find out the details from the above descriptions of 10 Reasons Your Google AdSense Earning May Gone Failure

1.Blog outlook or website Design:
Website or blog outlook if not nice, visitors will never stay long. Who want to visit a ugly website. So we have seen most of the visitors are giving knock even a less content blog for only shiny nice design and attractive outlook. If you monetize your blog with ads don’t forget to use image type ads. This type ads will help you to increase the blog outlook nicer and attractive. A good looking blog is praised by all. For blogging   professionally you must have a nice website. More over only nice looking website is not the key if you never emphasis on more content.

2.Site loading Time:
Is your blog fast? You can loose a lot of search engine visitors if you are having problem with your blog loading time to the browser. The person will not wait so long to see your blog or website when he or she need hurry to know about search items.The perfect and correct load time is 1 or 3 seconds. If it has taken more time then you must need to check on your blog theme and css, java script if they need to modify just apply it. Too many script in your blog may cause site loading slow. On the other hand if the site has too many image with un proper placement also cause site load slow. So you have to be careful about your site loading time

3. Ads placement wrong:
Most common mistake that publishers are doing on the concern about ads placement. You don’t know where  you can serve your ad code for better click. Readers will see your content and they most like to give eyes on the title so the best is place the ads blow the post title . for large type of ads such as 336*280 large rectangle ,160*160 wide skyscraper should be place at the side bar or bottom of the home pages. So if you experiment ads placement which place is coming more revenue then you can get better results. Recent 300*600 ad format also very effective.  After changing ads placement wait for one week to see the results and take note about your current income and see  after one week it has changed or not with high clicks?

4.Sites visitors low: 
You cant get any income from AdSense if your site don’t have any visitors. Visitors are the soul of your site. They visit see ads and buy products , if you have managed to have good content but not much readers then all your efforts  will be failure. So try to get much more visitors and try to get more visitors from organic search. You know google will pay you higher from organic search visitors. So you have to take note this also.

5.Not much seo:
If you never apply seo , you will never see organic visitors at all. To get more organic visitors you have to do onpage seo and off page seo. On page seo refers to meta tags, meta description, h1,h2 tags , no follow tags, image alt tags etc on the other hand off page seo need to do by linking your content to others post in your blog and easy page navigation . You must apply both seo tactics to get higher results from search engine.

6.Back link:
For the beginners this is very tough to manage higher page rank. The more you have back link the more your blog’s page rank would be higher. So back link is the key. Try to get your sites backlink from higher page rank blog. If any higher page rank blog refer any post to your site then you will get backlink. To mange baklink write quality post and apply for guest post. Now let me tell you why backlink is important? The more backlink means more people will visit your site and it suppose to be more click on your sites. Thus AdSense can be  effective if you get more visitors.

7.Content not relevant to niche:
The content if not relevant to your blog niche, then you may face low page rank and penalty from google. when google will find not relevant content, they will not be interested to your blog. More importantly you will loose visitors. If you loose visitors that means you loose money. For example if your blog niche about personal fiance and you write on this blog technology content, automatically you will get bad impact from Google search engine.

8.Bounce rate high:
Bounce rate high means the readers never spend much more time on your blog. The lower bounce rate is good. To know more about bounce rate read this post. So if you find your blog bounce rate is high try to decrease its rate.

9.Title is not attractive:
Many blogger including me unable to write title accurately. Actually most of the time while people search any keywords they find the title on the search engine results rather than the full post. So if the title is not attractive the visitors will not visit the post. You can get most visitors just only apply the most attractive title. So guys be careful on this matter. The key factor is the more visitors the more money.

10.Content theft:
Don’t try to do this ever. Some time we have to post others blog content but on that case need to mention the  blog post link to the respective articles. To get to know that your post is unique go to Copyscape.com don’t even post others blog post content to your blog without their link or permission. If you have any urgent to published that post, contact with the respective owners of that blog. You know Google will give you penalty for content theft. You may loose serp s and loose page rank for it. So be care full about it.


Google AdSense never help you to maximize your revenue unless you have good number of  visitors from organic search results . Back link also important to get higher search possibility. To get 1000 dollars you will need at least 30000  visitors. To get 500 dollars per month you may need 10000 or 20000 visitors . Mainly this thing can be vary by depends on content. Some time 1000 visitors with high quality content can achieve 500 dollars per month. You must remember that traffic is the key for earnings from Google AdSense. Lastly with proper placement of ads by proper lasix generic furosemide precaution use lasix generic furosemide customization will be boost for your income. Keep increasing your blog content with unique , relevant recent , update news . You will be successful one day. Keep blogging and keep earning with AdSense

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