Free Download Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft

Free Download Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft announced the new version for their office suit, MS Office 2013. Now the preview of MS Office 2013 is available for download from the official website of Microsoft. Microsoft office 2013 will include the basic applications of Office suit such as Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Access etc…
The new version comes with many improvements in their icons, User Interface, Hardware support and more.

Free Download Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft

Icons :

Micosoft Ofifice 2013
MS Office 2013 Icons

Microsoft Office 2013 comes with a new different set of Icons for all the office suits. As like windows 8 icon sets, MS office icons also comes with monochrome colors and with a tilted view. Microsoft brig that icons in order to mach with upcoming Windows 8 OS.

User Interface :

When we look at the UI of the applications, we could get the idea that Microsoft has slightly modded the UI in order make it fit with the New Metro UI which is coming with Windows 8. Totaly we can say that the UI is a mixed form of old 2010 and new Metro UI.

Design :

Microsoft Office 2013 is mainly designed for Touch Screen Display. So the entire design is maintained for accepting inputs from finger. Also it support for stylus for scribing on the screen.

Cloud based :

Now cloud computing is came to be hit. So Microsoft also tried to bring cloud features in to MS office 2013. The new version comes with integrated Sky Drive, Skype, Yammer and much more..

Support :

The new version of MS office 2013  only supports Windows 7 and Windows 8. Some times Microsoft will make this with support for old windows versions also. We can expect that.

Download MS Office Preview :

You can Download the MS Office 2013 preview from Microsoft’s official site The download links are given below

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