Which is the Best mac antivirus?

In Modern operating system mac is a important name.   we are using many kinds of OS but mac system is totally  different and strong security built in fastest OS. But recent time Kaspersky  technician has found some lack in the  system.
Yes i am talking about mac antivirus. Even though mac developers proudly speak that there is no need to install antivirus  in mac OS but recently there is a virus has been found on mac by kaspersky  tech expert. Now i am asking you do you need mac antivirus? No matter what you answer to me i must say you should not leave your favorite mac without antivirus. For ensure double protection it is highly recommend to you for using  antivirus. Now let me say in online market places there are many antivirus but which one is perfect for your own mac?

Which is the Best mac antivirus?

Norton ?
Go to mac forum and didcuss about it.  i hope you will definately find a answer. On the other hand if you are very lazy to research about which is the best mac antivirus then let me tell you about kaspersky
why you will choose kaspersky for your mac?
Here is the brief Support description has given below from Kaspersky website:

If you really need to know which is the best mac antivirus then just read the kaspersky lab brief description below:

Kaspersky Security for Mac is a new generation of information protection solutions. It is designed to protect computers managed by Mac OS X against viruses and malware. The program protects you from all known types of threats, including viruses, Trojans, worms, spy and adware using threat signatures (anti-virus databases that contain the description of all known threats and their disinfection methods).
Kaspersky Security for Mac includes a special technology Kaspersky Security Network. The technology is developed to decrease time required to detect and block new types of malware. The system allows to receive info about opened files and, therefore, detect malicious objects and ways of spreading.
Kaspersky URL Advisor scans all links on the web page and determines whether they are malicious of phishing using the Kaspersky Security Network service. The module can be embedded to such web browsers as Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as a plug-in.
The Parental Control component is designed to control work with the computer and on the Internet. You can configure the following settings:

  • Internet usage
  • Websites visiting
  • Messaging with specific contacts
  • Personal data transfer
  • Safe search
  • Files loading

The Web Anti-Virus component intercepts and analyzes each web page and file you open in the Internet for a malicious code. If the web page or file is infected, access to it is blocked and the corresponding notification is displayed. Otherwise, you may continue work with the file.

Okay every antivirus has the same function but this one has some deference like when you will install it after that you can auto detect about suspicious website before browse in using this antivirus. On the other hand it will not take long time for searching virus.
So i hope you will secure your mac by kaspersky from now.

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