How To Make Bootable Windows 7 Flash Drive Without Any Hassle?

There are so many post already published about this topic. Few days ago My own younger brother asked me How to create bootable windows 7 pen drive? Because he told me that his laptop’s DVD drive has damaged .I was so shocked to hear such kind of question from him. Because he is studying in CSE . He should know the process of making a  bootable flash drive very well rather than a non tech geek person.
Never mind i answered him you can make your flash drive bootable in many ways. But most easy way is to do is using cmd command. But for non techie guy it is quite difficult to install using command prompt.

Three ways you can make bootable windows 7 flash drive. At first i have given most easy way to create bootable windows 7 flash drive?
Its a  BEST and easy way to make USB bootable Windows 7…….
Nothing to do…..

How To Make Bootable Windows 7 Flash Drive Without Any Hassle?

Most Easy steps are given below to make windows 7 bootable usb drive :Step 1: Explore your Windows 7 DVD or ISO File( in case of ISO file just mount is using any utility like Nero or PowerISO…even u can use trial version of these)
Step 2: Now copy all files including Hidden files and paste it on your formatted 4 GB( or more ) pendrive
Step 3: Restart your PC and go to BIOS and select USB as a first boot device then save and quit
Step 4: Your PC will boot with USB and now you can install or repair your Windows 7 faster than any DVD installation.

Method  : 2 make bootable windows 7 flash drive with software:

Download First 
Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool
Install it on your windows.
You are normally given this tool when you purchase from the online Microsoft Store.
windows_7_usb_1.pngThe easiest way to turn a USB flash drive into a bootable Windows 7 installer is by using the tool Microsoft offers, cunningly named the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. To get started, download the installer [exe] from and follow the basic steps to put it onto your computer; you can put it on the computer you plan to install Windows 7 on or another one, it doesn’t matter.
windows_7_usb_2.pngOnce it is installed, it should create an icon on your desktop, so double-click that to open. If you can’t find it, use the search function in the Start Menu with a keyword like “USB.” Launching it should give you the above screen, and step one is to find the Windows 7 .ISO file. The tool only accepts .ISO images, so we recommend that you convert yours if it’s in a different DVD image format.
windows_7_usb_3.pngStep two is straightforward: simply choose USB device.
windows_7_usb_4.pngIn step three, all you have to do is make sure that you are choosing the correct USB device. If you have other data on the device, move it to your hard drive, another USB device, or somewhere else before proceeding.
windows_7_usb_5.pngThe tool will prompt you if it detects data on the device. Once your data is backed up elsewhere, click Erase USB Device.
windows_7_usb_6.pngYou will get another prompt warning you that all the data will be wiped. Click Yes to continue.
windows_7_usb_7.pngThe format will be very quick, while the copying of the files will take a little bit more time (about 10 to 15 minutes).
windows_7_usb_8.pngOnce the process is complete, you should get the above confirmation message.

Method #3 How to make bootable windows 7 Flash drive with command prompt:

without any software you can create bootable windows 7 USB Drive here you will need

  • A working Windows 7 system with a DVD drive and administrator rights.
  • A Windows 7 installation DVD.
  • 4GB USB drive or larger.

Open cmmand propmt with ADmin right:
Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories and right-click on Command Prompt. Select Run As Administrator
Enter this command below
1) Run command prompt (cmd). This can be done by clicking start and typing typing cmd in Windows 7. In Windows Xp, click on start and then click on run. Type cmd and run. This will open the command prompt which will look like this:

2) Then run diskpart utility from command prompt, by typing ‘diskpart’ on command prompt and pressing enter. This will run the diskpart utility in a separate windows, which is shown in 2nd picture below:

3) Now put in your pendrive in a USB port. Your pen drive must be atleast 4 GB, 8 GB pendrive is best for this purpose. Now go back to the diskpart console and type ‘listdisk’ and press enter. This will list the various storage devices available. You can see the size column of the disk and here we can see that ‘disk 2′ is our pen drive. Warning: In your computer it may be some other number. In our case it is ‘disk 2′.

4) Then you have to type ‘select disk 2′ and press enter. Note: in our case it is disk 2, in your case it may be disk 3, or disk 1 or any other number. You can enter ‘detail disk’ to see the details of the disk after selecting it to verify that you have selected the correct disk. You can see these steps in the image below:

5) Then you have to run a series of commands. The commands to be run in the order are:- clean
– create partition primary
– select partition 1
– active
– format fs=fat32
These steps are shown in the image below:

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6) The format step will take some time. You can have a tea or coffee in the meantime and come back. After the format is complete you have to run ‘assign’ command. And after this you can exit diskpart utility by entering the ‘exit’ command. The steps are shown below: – assign
– exit

– The image below shows all the steps taken from the first step:

7) After the format is complete, put in your original Windows 7 DVD in your DVD drive, or if you have an .iso image of the DVD, mount that image using any virtual drive software like Power ISO.
– Now go to My Computer, and open the contents of DVD Drive. Press ‘ctrl+a’ to select all contents and copy all the contents by pressing ‘ctrl+c’.
– Now go back to My Computer and open the USB Drive and press ‘ctrl+v’ to paste all the contents of DVD into the USB Disk.

8) When the copy finishes, you are done just remove the USB Drive safely and use it to install Windows 7 in your computer/laptop.


I have described three easy steps to make your windows 7 Bootable pendrive. If you still confuse and don’t understand the full process, please let us know by comment or Email. we will try to help you as soon as possible. Enjoy fastest windows 7 installation without DVD drive. 

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