Which is the high speed Internet Connection provider In Bangladesh

Guys, You know for a short time, i have visited Bangladesh. And for the Internet connection concern, I have got various experience.The connection of 2G Internet is available to all mobile operator.

This is not very high speed connection at all. Its a combination of GPRS and EDGE data service. If you have come from foreign country and want to use Internet from mobile phone data service then it will be a nightmare experience to you.

But very recently Govt mobile operator TeleTalk have launched 3G service  that is a huge improvement to mobile broadband in bd.  Teletalk 3G never provide whole coverage and some time connection dropped to 2.5G. So for me it was mixed experience and today i am gonna share some of the high speed package and for you which package will be good can be find out. Lets take a look for a foreigner or local which is the high speed or mobile broadband provider in Bangladesh.

High speed mobile Internet connection

provider in Bangladesh.

Which is the high speed Internet Connection provider In Bangladesh

If you asked me should i use Gp net to my handphone, I would say no. It will kill your valuable money and time. Here is the link to check its package.Gp package

 Bangla Link:Same as Gp. So if you are not heavy user then can use it but i am not satisfied with its speed at all. Here is the link for check its package.

 Robi: (Change name known as Airtel now) Recently some of my friends are using it. Very good service and all over the places of the country.browsing is acceptable if you compare with Blink and Gp. So you can use Robi for a bit fair use. Here is the link to check its tariff 

Teletalk 3G:Guys nothing to say about it. Its a 3G service so speed should be available. But currently it has given 3G only Dhaka city. So if you want to use it for any places of the country then still you have to wait. But for the dhaka city users its the best. So take it with great hope. Here is the package details link 

Citycell Zoom: For short time users and use from any places to get acceptable speed citycell Zoom ultra is the best. I will personally recommend you to use this service. Here is the plan link Update about citycell this company has stopped working in Bangladesh after 3G available .

BTCL broadband: This is not mobile connection. It will require TNT land line with ADSl Modem. But if you like to use original high speed internet then this is the best. If you have TNT connection in your home then ADSL is the best. Here is the link to check its plan.


In Bangladesh mobile Internet is very slow. Recently BTCL ADSL service is giving high speed connection. Almost all 64 districts have this coverage. So ADSL is going very well. To me i like to choose at present Citycell or BTCL ADSL Service, because teletalk 3G still not available all over the countries. When it will spread its 3G network then i like to use Teletalk 3G as mobile broadband Internet in Bangladesh. We hope that Govt will take proper steps to enhance Teletalk 3G all over the places.

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