Working method run snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard iso on Intel PC (hackintosh ) Part-2

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Working method run snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard iso on Intel PC (hackintosh ) Part-1

So i hope you successfully download the snow leopard iso file. It has several parts on it. you have to extract all the files using 7zip software. when it will be done it can be burn to dvd using image burner software. To extract you have to create a newfolder and then when you need to choose the destination folder just browse the new folder and extract all the iso files in it. Rename the folder as snow leopard hazard 10.6.6i ISO.

Working method run snow leopard 10.6.6i hazard iso on Intel PC (hackintosh ) Part-2

Prepare DVD:  Now before burning this ISO you have to patch it. To patch it download PPF O Matic Software

  1. download PPF O Matic Software
  2. Open the software and at the place of PPF files browse downloaded PPF files( You can get it from  IOATAFamily Zip just Extract from there) and give Input
  3. Browse your ISO File
  4. A Confirmation message will appear that your DVD is successfully updated.

Now you are ready to burn.  you can using any burning software but remember that speed should not exceed more 8x or 4x speed. well, i recommend you to use image burn software to do that. You must configure your bios before insert the ISO DVD. To change the boot menu go to bios and select first boot as DVD rom drive. make sure hard disk is in achi format. Now you have the ISO DVD linux live cd windows xp or 7 disk Better if you are using windows 7 rather than windows xp. Because after install snow leopard the boot manager will be corrupted. And to log in to PC or change the boot option you have to insert Linux live CD into the disk drive. I will discuss later how to repair the boot option. okay. one more thing make sure you have windows 7 system image disk too. Install process start:  If every necessary item is ready then you can proceed to install section. Insert the snow leopard DVD and restart pc You can see it is booting from the DVD if you manage to bios option set as first boot from cd or DVD ram drive. Wait for a while until apple logo is appear. You can see the below spinning wheel is running wait for few minutes and after few minutes later you can see the mac language choose option has appear. choose English and click on the right  green continue bar. Here you have to agree with mac rules and regulations  just click on agree and you will see the configuration of your PC. Now from the disk utility you have to format your selected drive which you previously choose for installing mac select the drive and format with Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) option after format finish you are ready to install mac on it. But wait don’t click install straight way. You have to customize the files and driver before installing. This is the most important part. On this part if you mistakenly choose the file to install then you will not be able to successful. so lets find out which component you would like to choose.

 CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE FOR VIEW AS LARGE Better find out your machine configuration what kind of driver and hardware you are using. For example if you have graphics card from nvedia but while installing if you select ATI too  then whole things will collapse and you will see karnel panic. For sound choose voodooHDA and for boot option choose chameleon rc 5  but if you have 64bit OS don’t choose bootx 86 no need to choose karnel also. here for my accer 4736g notebook what i use are given below: i hope with the same configuration any notebook can apply this What you will choose at settings.customize sections:1.chameleon rc 5 enabler  3.nvidia update 4.voodooHDA0.2.6.2 5.dsdt 6.ntfs 7.uuid 8.usb3.0 9.usbfix 10.x11 Okay guys after select above from customize option then click on install button. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to finish install. just relax have drinks take some snacks and wait you need to be patience. If everything goes well you will see restart message has come and just restart and eject your DVD. some time it is very hard to take out DVD drive. so use a thin pin to insert near the CD rom drive box just push a bit with the pin and CD will eject easily. 

Another complicated session has appear that Now you can see your notebook never boot from any OS. The screen is blank and it says boot manager fails. for first time when i did see this message was very shocked. but after get help from the forum friends i did mange to repair my boot option. And successfully get back windows 7. i will discuss on my next post how to dual boot snow leopard with windows 7 and repair boot manager.

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