Browse the Block Webpages With Tor Browser

We can closed or block web pages in many ways. Such as Manually done by using OS, Using web browser, Stopping network port, Using Router, Using the country gateway etc. And on the other hand we can see block webpages using deference kinds of proxy sites, hiding the ip address, using virtual private network etc. But here we can see block webpages very easily using Tor project’s Tor Browser.

This is a portable browser. so we do not need to install it and we can use it with other PC by our portable flash drive or usb thumb drive. This is a portable software and there is mozilla firefox inside Tor projects so we dont need to install Mozilla FireFox also.

How to Browse Block webpages using Tor Browser


first of all Download the free portable tor browser from and unzip it using 7 zip now start Tor Browser the vidalia control panel will connect with tor server and the portable mozilla firefox will start. You will see a congratulations message as Congratulations. You are using Tor pages will appear. Now using the mozilla firfox browser You can browse any close or block webpages .

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