Top 5 Smart phone Which You Must Buy

This is the time when mobile phone specially smart phone are climbing up high by its new features  day by day in rapid speed. We are looking for best Smart phone but at the end we don’t know which phone would be the best choice for us. Here i am giving Top 5  smart phone short details which will be helpful to you to choose  a best smart phone .So don’t late lets Start browsing on them and choose yourself one. Here as the day progress  a new smart phone is willing to hit the world , soon who knows the phone which are given here-  One day will become older than that new phone. So its a matter of time and invention and utmost perseverance of smart phone inventor.

1. iPhone 4G:
If you ask me at present which phone is breaking the most highest ranking in smart phone arena i will certainly say its i phone 4G. The phone which was released on June 24, 2010. This phone has made changed a lot rather than i phone 3G . You can choose this phone without having any hesitation. I must say its a another great invention of Apple ios. Here look it out below:

2.Samsung Galaxy S:
If you ask me to beat iPhone 4 than which phone you will choose yourself? Yes Only the one smart phone which very recently arrived in Mobile arena named Samsunag Galaxy S. The most high class configuration and nice looking phone which i ever seen in phone industry. This phone can beat any smart phone without any doubt. Lets say i am giving some example : Does iPhone 4 support java? but samsung Galaxy S Yes. Does i phone 4 has Radio ? But samsung Galaxy S yes. There are many more things which i skipped here. One more thing this is a Android OS so you can double your expectation by getting free applications from android market. So do you like to get the speedy messaging experience  by  Swype Technology  than Samsung Galaxy S is for you. Here How it look like:

3.Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10:
For the loving Hd video and supreme sound quality devices if you ask me to choose which phone is the best ? I will recommend you to buy this phone Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. Largest screen with high quality resolutions you could not miss any HD video and more over android applications has add extra features and quality into it. If you think you are a crazy entertain lover don’t wait a bit moment to gather  this phone into your disposal. Here how you see it:

4.Nokia N8:
Recently nokia phone has lagged behind to compete the phone arena market. Its gradually losing market share and Android OS is beating Symbian OS. Nokia phone industry has a bit lack in making smart phone device. It can be happened for their Symbian OS but they are trying to get out of it and recently has launched another smart phone device is called nokia n8. You can have it for its stylish design and full touch screen facilities. You may have loved  on nokia mobile and willing to find a smart phone in nokia phone industry then nokia n8 is ideal for you. Here how it look like:

5.HTC HD2:
I must agree to say that htc hd2 has added all kinds of features to make it more smart than the other htc. It has wide and big 4.3-inch screen display makes the phone smart. The most attractive  thing of this phone is it has slim design with most available features. You can choose this device without any hesitations. Here how it look like:

You cant say a definite phone that is called the best smart phone devices. The phone which has acceptable smart technology and the phone which has the available features such as : wireless technology,  bluetooth, touch screen, external memory slot, Hd video, document editor, high resolutions camera, java enabled, Rds radio, powerful processor, ebook reader,social hub consolidates emails, IM, Full web browsing with flash,GPS system,Hd video with editing, online download, web tv, free navigation,chat etc are called smart phone. so its time for me to say every phone which have above features can be called a smart phone and you can choose any of them for your smart life.

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