Download Latest Versions Mozilla Firefox 4 Now

This is nothing but absolutely a great achievement for Mozilla FireFox users who like to use best browsers in online. I am talking about Mozilla FireFox 4 A new update versions of FireFox which can be download for free. You can speed up your browsing with new Mozilla FireFox more than 6 time faster than old FireFox. Why you should download Mozilla FireFox 4? Until now downloaded by people

Firefox 4 for desktop launched yesterday and we’re excited to report that within 24 hours of being announced it had been downloaded 7.1 million times.

Here I am giving few reasons of that.
1.Best speed with best security: If you asking me which is the best speedy Internet browser in the world since the browsers has started to use for browsing the online content ? I must say this is called Mozilla FireFox. And again its security is more than secure than others
2.Feel the new and fresh look:
This is a new streamline user interface. You can get new look on a lot space on the outlook of FireFox browsers. You would be happy to view the fresh and new interactive design on FireFox. This could be your best surface for browsing web pages with more than pages with extreme speed.
If you like to use FireFox with hundreds tab than this new features will help you to view all the pages just using your mouse with drag and drop facilities. On the other hand you can get menu options on the top of your browser which you most frequently used on your browser now can be get more easily with this features.
4.Sync it:
This is what you need for access your browser on mobile device at the same time when you have open your desktop you can use passwords history bookmarks even in your mobile or any device with this sync functions.
5.Advanced security:
This is what you surely cant  avoid while you browsing online. Lets say you don’t like to keep history what pages you visit or what ever you do in online just enable private browsing tabs on FireFox 4 or lets say you are browsing in a cybar cafe or your office here you don’t want to save your  data like as password or others just on private browsing this is extremely a helpful tool for your personal data protections. You can stop your browsers to Tracking your data just on do not Track it options this options will save you from selling data to third party.
6.Power full personalization:
FireFox 4 comes with high quality tools which will give you full control of your browser. You can dress up your browser s with any colors just find it from Personas. customize your tabs or Manage online auctions and for uploading digital photos, you can see the weather forecast in a glance and listen to music even more better ways.
There are some of the great extensions that never support on Mozilla FireFox 4 until now i have found the add ons which are not supported are: speak it, Google gears, Text formatting toolbar, Alexa toolbar, free recorder, Tvuplayer, Text to voice, fireuploader,Download Energy Toolbar etc Even though it can not run some of the extensions or toolbar but it has tremendous features which is highly attractive and power full. You can download and install Mozilla FireFox 4 for real test.
Download link:Mozilla firefox 4RC
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