Effective Tips For Mobile Banking

Effective Tips For Mobile Banking

Mobile banking services are expanding in Bangladesh day by day. People are opening mobile banking account using their own cellphone numbers as they have the convenience of transferring money and they can buy in the simplest and fastest time. By the mid-2019’s, the number of mobile financial services users in the country has exceeded 6 million. Every day new customers are registering for services like mobile banking services, development of BRAC Bank, Rocket of Dutch Bangla Bank, cash of postal department etc. There is a lot of risk with mobile banking as money can be transferred only by dialing a shortcode with the help of mobile PIN. Besides, transactions can be done through the mobile app. Here are some tips on things to keep in mind to stay safe in mobile banking services.

Keep PIN number secret –

If you have more than one mobile banking account (eg Vikas, Cash), set a separate PIN number for each mobile banking account. Avoid telling anyone this pin number. Remember, someone who knows the pin number will be able to withdraw money from your mobile.

Beware of fake “customer care” –

You should know the PIN number of your mobile banking account only – no one else. Never ask for your PIN number from the bank’s customer care. If anyone wants to know your mobile banking account (such as Vikas) PIN number or verification code by false identification of customer care, then complain by calling the helpline of the respective banking service instead of providing PIN number.

Open a mobile banking account on a properly registered SIM –

If your SIM registration is not correct, it may be closed at any time or taken away by someone else. Besides, the SIM can be lost. In these cases, if you have valid SIM, you can easily pick up the SIM and use the mobile banking service. But if you do not get a SIM if you do not have the papers – then the money in the mobile banking account is more likely to not be refunded.

Beware of lottery, rewards, the king of Jin calling –

Many people may have heard, from a stranger’s phone, suddenly they said “You win a lottery of 1 lakh, you can get money only if you send some money in my number”, or many represents “king of jinn” has called you. Many people greedily send money on mobile. It’s not good to be overly greedy. So beware of these traps. Report the entire matter to law enforcement, including the fraudster’s phone number. Complain at the mobile banking service helpline.

Beware of fake messages and fake calls –

Nowadays, using various online based services anyone can create phone numbers and send messages, even call to others. They are very dangerous. You Must have noticed, for example, that the messages that come from development are written “bKash” in place of the message sender’s name – that is, the message came from bKash. Now if someone gives you a message in the bKash message through online messaging service and it says that you have received 4,000 bucks on your mobile then you will surely be surprised.

Many people will send you such fraudulent messages on your mobile phone and say, “Brother forgot so much money in your number and returned it to me a little sooner.”

Never make such a fatal mistake! Each time you receive a text message on a mobile banking account, you will automatically check the balance by dialing the mobile banking number or logging in to the app. Don’t trust calls or messages at all.

Before sending money to a number, be sure by contacting the persons’ number. Before sending the money to any mobile banking number, press the number in your hand (or call from the contact list) to make sure you send the money to the right person. The cloning of the phone number by fake duplication of fraudulent phone calls and money is happening. So when you get a call from a familiar number, you must dial the person’s number from your mobile phone to find out if he or she is actually asking for money. You will also notice the tone of the voice, needy, etc.

You should Transact on your own account –

Always remember how much money is deposited in your mobile banking account. May be useful in case of emergency. For example, if you have a problem with customer care, they may want to know about the balance and the latest transaction (to be sure you are a real customer). But never ask for your PIN number in Customer Care. Information on mobile banking messages is also very touching. So keep them locked or hidden somewhere in the phone.

What should you do if you lose your mobile phone?

If your mobile phone is lost, call your mobile banking helpline as soon as possible to ensure the security of your mobile banking account. If possible, turn on the SIM card PIN code security if possible so that when you turn on the phone you need a SIM PIN. Remember, turning on the SIM card PIN is a bit dangerous, because if you forget the SIM PIN number (without a PIN code) you can no longer use your SIM card – you need to pick up a new SIM for the same mobile number. This will get the mobile number right back, but it will be a little hassle. So think twice before activating the SIM PIN code.

There is nothing wrong with security. So there are many points beyond these points that will probably be written some other day. Share your thoughts on the implications of mobile banking. Thanks.

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