How should You start blogging With Zero Knowledge ?

How should You start blogging With Zero Knowledge ?

Starting a Blog Writing with zero Knowledge  is not so Big Deal. Blogging is very popular terms In online now-a-days. But only few people in online can be successful in blogging. Because, there are some rules and regulations which are very essential to start a blog. By the by first of all you need to know what is called a blog ?

For your simple understanding I am going to quote the meaning of blog from the reference of Wikipedia as follows-

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.


What you should know for stating a blog with zero knowledge ?

Now-a-days Million of blog article and bloggers can be found in online. But it is very difficult to judge who is a professional blogger. For becoming a professional blogger You must have   3 Knowledge.

  1. Highly skilled in English.
  2. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge.
  3. Consistency For Publishing article.


If you want to search in google for anything You can find thousands of article which appears first page in the google search engine. Most of the online user skips second page to know about their search terms of the topics. Because They click on the first page article to know about the topics which they are searching. So It is very important for any bloggers to write a unique article with proper reference and information. A professional blogger not only write a unique article with accurate source but also proper SEO. After publishing  an  article with correct SEO only then the article can be found in the google search engine at the first page.

From my above discussion You can understand that SEO another most important factor for A blogger. You must understand online and offline SEO too.


From the beginning of your blog you can find difficult to optimize Image in your article and optimize your video but after two or three months later it will be easier you to publish a unique article for your Blog.

So, There is no panic to start from the beginning. It will be easy to you day by day as the time pass by.

There are few professional blog which I am going to mention here that you can follow as a beginner.


Blogging is very interesting passion. You can make money from a blog too if you are a professional blogger. There is plemty of ways from earning Money from your blog.


If you can write article from the You can do affiliate marketing for writing a review for amazon products. This is the most popular way to do affiliate marketing.

There are some technical terms which you need to understand for example-

SEO, Backlinks, Guest Article, Offline and and online seo,Niche domain, Micro Blogging, Alter text ,no follow ,do follow link etc.


I hope from my above discussion You have got basic ideas how to start a blog from Zero knowledge. Publishing article Consistently is Very essential because Your blog Subscriber, newsletter and social media subscriber will decrease if you don’t write consistently and you can not attract your Blog Readers without updating information. So it is very important to update your blog regularly.

How do You know a blog is very popular?

A popular blogger has lots of email Subscriber, A lots of social media fans , Very low ranks in alexa.

Okay Guys, I hope You understand  this short article and please Subscribe this blog to get Updated Article.

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