How to automatically update blogger post on facebook using rssgraffiti beta application

 To tighten and uplift our bindings and social activities, you must accept the recent craze of online social media contribution. On this concern facebook has gone beyond its expectation to spread the social media whole over the world. By this only one social media sites the world is becoming smaller and smaller, people of the social world are becoming more closer,even they are not in same zone.
You should appreciate the task of Facebook, what has been doing for few years to brings people more closer and established global social society around the world.

How to automatically update blogger post on facebook using rssgraffiti beta application

You will be pretty much happy to share your feelings within one single click using update button on facebook. Now its very easy to share feelings using single mouse click whole over the world. So what can make you more sociable without facebook. You can not only share feelings or pictures but also direct voice calls or video call to any facebook friends made it more valuable medium on the internet. You may have a company and for its well publicity and you have to set up blog to publish everyday update news for your products, so where do you like to share it? Lets say what if you have 1000 facebook friends and you gonna share your blog post to that 1000 facebook friends without sending them any direct link separately? how it would be possible to do that just automatically? Yes for the benefit of more application on the internet, you can setup such kinds of option for your blog.

 How to set up auto post update on facebook for your blog? Its really very easy to do.
1.Go to your facebook pages. select application and search for rssgraffiti. Now activate  Rss Graffiti Page  from  facebook pages. Allow it.
 2..Now you will be redirected a new page link like this below picture and you will be seen rssgraffit page beta application

3.Now Click on Add New Publishing Plan.
4.Okay after creating a plan what you will have to do is just clcik add new and press enter the url of your blog
Now A New Window Will Popup and You can control Scheduling and Source override here.

5.In the source settings, you have to enter your blog feed url link. feed title. you can schedule your post by editing scheduling. Then click save changes.
6.So in the Target Menu You can Control your traffic to where you want,like in Facebook page or Your Facebook Wall.And you can also Change the Post Style to Standard,Compact or Status Updates.
 From now any new post if you are being published can be found automatically to your facebook profile or wall. Thus all your facebook friends will be able to see your post and you don’t have to send them separately.

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