Move all Android apps to SD Card Just Using One Click (No rooted required)

Move all apps to SD Card Just Using One Click. I was looking for how to move my internal apps to SD card for increasing space inside internal phone storage. It is quite complicated though to move all kinds of apps from your internal storage.
To get best solution’s for it you have to use rooted phone but without rooting your phone you can move all your apps to SD card with terminal command. But here today I am going to show you how to move all apps to SD card without applying any commands at all.

Move all  Android apps to SD Card Just Using One Click (No rooted required)

Well, for moving system apps like youtube, gmail, google search etc could not be possible because your phone never support CyanogenMod. Later i will give you another post about   which phone support this firmware. But to be honest if you apply this tricks you can move all most all apps which is quite large and free up space 50 % from your internal phone. I am using Samsung Galaxy ace Version 2.2.1 It has very few storage at internal memory and i did try all most all kinds of apps to move my apps to SD card but all were unsuccessful. At last i became successful using Gemini app manager. One of the android apps which is available at android market and you cal easily install it in your phone after going to search on google play android market. There is no hard terminal command required at all. Just install Gemini app manager it will do rest of the task for you. If you want to get better results try using this app with rooted phone. But without root also you can try it. Most of the apps can be moved easily though, few apps may never move like scribe while i was trying to move it to my phone was going to hang. But others all apps i moved to SD card successfully even Gemini app manager. You can go settings and change apps default install location from internal memory to SD card. And after this all apps will anatomically installed at SD card. I am pretty much happy now with Gemini app manager. It gives me nice solution for increasing my phone internal memory. If you like to try just install it. If you know any others method to free up phone internal storage just know us using your valuable comment. move all apps to SD card just using one click.
You can install it from Android market just click here.
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