How to check who is invisible in Google talk and Facebook while the person is online?

Recent online user now are become very clever. Lets say while using social media Facebook or most famous chat client Google talk, if they like to hide themselves while chat in online suppose to keep offline. But its not a blame factor  for them that they  can not hide on Facebook or Google talk.
The matter which urge such people to keep offline even they are online is they like to avoid chat or they don’t want to pass time for only chatting . Some time the others are not happy to chat with them too. So in this case Google talk and Facebook users go offline even they are online. So do you like to know ? How to check who is invisible in Google talk and Facebook while the person is online?

How to check who is invisible in Google talk and Facebook while the person is online?

Guys you may know now very easily the tricks how to become invisible in Google chat. But for those person who are online actually but stayed offline to you it can be check very easily. Lets say in gtalk you are hiding now yourself with Google talk invisible chat options but from the tech geek its very easy to find you that you are really not offline. Same as facebook users. some time you like to keep yourself offline in facebook chat due to avoiding chat with disturbing people or may be all your friends finds disturbing to you then just go offline. while offline you can not know who is online right now correct? so this is the problem for being offline in facebook but still you have very good chance to see who is online now  in facebook chat. what you have to do is just add this app FBOnlineNow you can easily find the people who are online to chat in facebook here is how to do it more details with screenshot how to find who is online now on facebook while you are invisible or offline?
You can see the people online during invisible mode using a Greasmonkey script.

FBOnlineNow is the greasmonkey script which show you the current online users in facebook during invisible mode. Before installing this script you need to install greasmonkey add-on for firefox and in the chrome the script can be installed directly. After installing greasmonkey add-on go to this facebook application and install this to your facebook account.


Later install the  FBOnlineNow script here by hitting the install button.

After install go to your facebook home page, open chat IM and go to offline from the options tab.

Next you see the window besides the chat IM displaying number of the people who are online, open the window by clicking it and you see the users who are online.

Okay in Google talk to find a offline friends is very easy. just go to off the record then text hi  the person who is offline. if the text send normally then you have to understand that this fellow is currently online but he hide himself due to avoiding chat. On the other hand if the server reply with you that in red color text the person you send text is currently offline the message will be deliver when he is online. Then you have to realize that this person is really offline. how easy it is right to catch offline people in Google talk and Facebook. i hope you will try to finds yourself who are the online friends on Facebook and Google talk but currently shows to you offline. thanks for reading our tips. if you find this article helpful just comment below.

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