How to Download Unlimited songs from Online Bangla Radio

Before few months ago i had given a post about listening songs from online radio. On that post i wrote how to capture songs unlimited for free. Today i liked to clear it more actually how to download or capture bangla radio songs into the pc. Its not so hard to do actually. Just install freecorder on your pc . The pc which is having vista or later are best for them to capture songs. In real you can download or capture any kinds of music what ever played on your computer. So now its time for you to know

How to capture unlimited songs from Bangla  online radio as mp3 format


Okay lets start how to capture or download songs from online bangla radio now?
I have given here the example from most popular bangla online radio :
First of all install the software first when installed select “Record From Freecorder Audio Driver” see the picture below:

Now go to the web pages and play any music and if you want to capture any songs and open the web page you can find the record audio toolbar at the browser toolbar as shown below:

just click on it and save songs as long as you wish. Its a very powerful recording system which sound quality is very good and you can save all music as mp3 format. So enjoy saving unlimited songs on your computer now.

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