How to Recover or Reset your windows Main Password Without Windows Setup

My windows crass yesterday night at 12 o clock .I gave windows setup.After finish my setup  it wanted  password to me to log in.How funny i never gave any password! Now i need to set up again? What do you think?I think it is impossible for me to set up again.So many time i did set up my windows.Now again? No its impossible.I did sms my friends shankor he gave me the solution its quite hard but for my facebook friends I am going to share here : 

Reset your windows Password:

1.Open your hard disk and fixed it in  other computer
2.Go to the windows setup drive
3.Now windows>system32>config
4.Delete SAM File.

Recover or Reset your windows Main password
*Note:your hard drive must be format in FAT File system.

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