Mozilla Firefox Will Speak To You

Everybody will be agree with me to say that Mozilla FireFox is the best web browser in Online. If you want to stay safe, go fast and want to personalize easily then this is must for you. It becomes the best web browser for high performance, easy customization and advanced security options.

But above all Today i am gonna add another things to it . Ya This is called Speakit. A add ons for Mozilla FireFox. This add ons will help you to read text of web browser. Yes Mozilla FireFox will speak to you now. You don’t believe it just try it and select text which will you need to read and Mozilla FireFox will read for you.

So while browsing with Mozilla if you need to read text just select the text and within a single click this browser will read the text for you. This add ons will work as like Microsoft Windows text to speak. So just install the add ons now: Go here
Only size is 16.4 kb install it and restart firefox. Now if you like to heard any text for you then just select the text and right click on mouse. Here The system of (TTS) text to speech options has been used.

So hear any text what you need to heard from Mozilla FireFox browser.
Speakit for v3.6 to v3.9.9
This version of speak it work for firefox versions 3.6 up to 3.9.9

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