Run Internet Explorer In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another most popular web browser as Mozilla FireFox. In recent time we have seen everybody like to use more than one or two web browser. But what i wanna tell you here please use Mozilla firefox as your default web browser.

I have been using Google chrome web browser for the last of 1 year but mozilla firefox is my default web browser. I am feeling very lucky using this two. But what i need to tell you that Some time Internet explorer becomes very useful. Then what can i do? i have to make IE as my default browser? Internet Explorer some time is very useful for viewing some web page So for that kinds of web page i have to open IE. So is there any option to use two browser in one web browser? Yes now you can enable IE in Google chrome too.

How to setup IE in Google Chrome?


IE in Google Chrome


To get Internet Explorer facilities in Google chrome just install this add ons to your google chrome browser
after install this add ons you can see a new tab near go button. So now if you want to use any site in IE just click on  the IE tab and the site will open in new window with Internet explorer.

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