Top 5 Famous Blogger In Bangladesh You Must Know

Top 5 Famous Blogger In Bangladesh

Top 5 Famous Blogger In Bangladesh:

In this article I would like to share some of successful online young entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers , social media experts, google AdSense experts who are doing well in online business arena and still active,
I have given the amount of the per month income of them may vary at present , So it is very well understood that they are earning more then this probable showing amount.

 1.Al-amin kabir:

He is currently most passionate blogger and Internet marketer in Bangladesh. He is 25-year-old, entrepreneur, marketing geek and an occasional traveler. previously he was in Seo company in devsteam in Bangladesh. At present he has founded market ever his own Internet marketing based company where he trained and helped building niche  affiliate websites . His present income 10k per months
You can know more about him here


2.Nasir uddin shamim:

well, he is very cool guy, expert in seo fields. 8+ Years of SEO Experiences.
He has been blogging for the the last of fourteen years, at present he is teaching by his video blog. He is the co-founder of devsteam.  Started his career e in blogging but currently involved in seo and affiliate marketing too. His blog free video tutorial is helping lots of newbies and experts . His present income is 5k per month. He is teaching SEO in his personal Blog


3.Masudur Rashid:

Masudur Rashid is expert in affiliate marketing. He has been blogging for the last of eight years . He has many successful affiliate blog and his most income is coming from amazon niche blog. He is also working on devsteam. Seo company in Bangladesh.
He is earning more than 6k only from niche affiliate blog. His Portfolio blog


4.Tamal anwar:

Young entrepreneur Tamal anwar is begin with web design then shift to blogging. After few years he has made huge success, founder of at present teaching new blogger in his Tamal anwar academy. He is well known blogger in Bangladesh. His per month income 4k You can Check his online tutorial blog at


5.Rubel sbs:

He is the man who has failed many times in online income. But he never stopped. Hi is from Tangail my own district in Bangladesh , i was lucky enough to met with him this year and chat with him about blogging. He is Google AdWords certified and currently is giving time in his own  hosting business, and full time blogging. His per month income is 5k You can visit his site at

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