Which is the best way to get internet on android mobile from laptop ?

Hi guys on my previous post i had written about how to connect Internet to android mobile from laptop or any PC with connectify.  I have been looking for this issue in online and read so many thread for making android mobile get connected for the last of one week.  At last i have found several important issue about Internet share on mobile.

Which is the best way to get Internet on android mobile from laptop ?

You know that android devise never support adhoc network or it can not detect adhoc wifi connection from the phones wifi. The reason of it because android devise has a root file called wpa_ supplicant. Conf which  disallow any adhoc connection. As this condition you should not edit wpa file.  If you do or try to patch that file you may loss your phone wifi facilities for ever. So if you don’t do that then how to get Internet?  You know in online there are so many virtual router software available for free download. You can use one of them to create a virtual access point so that android phone can detect wifi.  Before do that what is the most important for you, to make root your android phone. Even though without rooted phone also can get connection but for get better and excellent connection you need to root your phone. How to root your phone? To do that you can try many option but for me what i tell you is try superoneclick method. You can check this post  How to root your samsung phone using superoneclick. Now after rooted you can get wifi from connectify. One of the best hotspot creator which is giving me best service until now. So if you ask me about connectify i will tell you this is the best hotspot maker in windows PC. To get good results you need to root your phone then you will need to install connectify.  This is not free version you have to buy it. You can check my previous post how to use it. At last what i like to say don’t try to edit your wpa supplicant file. It will crash your phone. However if you do that make sure you have proper backup of all system file. I am very happy with my Galaxy ace after rooted it i get charming network connection from my laptop using connectify pro. So guys please wait until my next post. Till than happy net browsing on android mobile via connectify.

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