Your Pc Will Speak To You

what if what ever you type in your pc and pc speak it for you.Yes you can create this funny software even yourself within a one minutes only.You can do it without any software.Its called a text to audio converter. How to Create a Text to Audio Converter Open a Notepad and save the notepad … Read more

80+ Photoshop Keybord Shortcuts for You

There is none who never use photoshop right! I think all of you have used photoshop.To edit a photo this software is best.There are a lot of photshopexperts who are earning money by outsourcing using photoshop.okay i am not a professional photoshop experts.For us who are not experts know very well how tough it is … Read more

Do You Defragment Your Hard Disk Regularly?

POIUYTREWQASDFGHJKLMNBVCXZYou may thought what kinds of word it is? Yes bro this is not a word.This is a quiz!  this  quiz for you to know something from you.Nowyou have to find out for me “c” from there.You cant.May be you can but not very fast . You need time.Okay lets see now again…ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Now may … Read more

Run Windows Program by Some Window Command

Today I am giving some Run commands of windows. You can very easily run any program from start >run using this command list.I hope this command list will help you more to use your computer.So lets starts….Run commad List Accessibility controls – access.cplAccessibility wizard – accwizAdd Hardware wizard – hdwwiz.cplAdd/Remove programs – appwiz.cplAdministrative Tools – … Read more

How to run windows xp in windows 7 Home premium

Now a days most of the computer user uses windows 7 home premium operating system.In windows 7 home premium  we can not use windows xp mode because Microsoft never give this facilities for this version.This facilities only available in windows 7 professional and how can we use windows xp operating system in windows 7 … Read more