Fast file copy for windows

If you ask me what is the best way to send any file from PC to another media, i would say tera copy. For fast file copy in windows, tera copy is the best free utility that can copy any large kinds of file very faster. Not only for copying file faster but also it … Read more

Why Download Bijoy for Windows 7

You know that Bijoy Bangla typing software is the best software for typing Bangla. But after updating windows i mean in current windows 7 Bijoy is not compatible. But recently Mustafa Jabbar the owner of Bijoy has launched a new version of Bijoy software is called BijoyEkushe. It can run in windows 7 .So if … Read more

How to Disable Control Panel in Any Os?

You know disable the control panel in a PC means, the computer which are running by you is protected from making any changes without admin permission. So what ever OS like windows xp, vista, 7 or windows8 you use, you can easily disable control panel to prevent unauthorised access. There are many PC users have … Read more

How To Install Windows XP A Complete Guide

We everybody know about Windows Xp Operating System. Generally its a Graphics operating system. Microsoft is the owner of this OS. This is very popular OS amongst the others computer operating system.First  at 2001 it came to the market. After launched to the public it gained huge acceptability to all kinds of computer users. Hardly … Read more

How To Reinstall or Refresh Windows 8

If there is a problem in windows 8, we need to reinstall windows 8 . You know if you reinstall windows 8, all   others settings will be affected. The good news is you can re-install windows8 keep intact desktop files with all others settings unchanged. The settings with files will remain same but others program will … Read more